Pete Cashmore Most Influential Blogger (Updated)

Pete Cashmore Most Influential Blogger

Pete Cashmore
What do you expect from 19 year old teen guy waking up late night, spend maximum time only with computer? Thank s to the internet and technology now you can expect more. Same thing happened, A boy who was writing from his bed room, sharing news about social media and technology, late become most influential blogger ever.

Yes, this blog is talking about most influential blogger, Pete Cashmore, due to illness, Pete Cashmore was unable to attempt regular class, then he began self learning with the help of computer. And value of self learning lead him to be one of the most successful blogger in the blogging history.

Now his blog has become one of the top ten blog in the world. Currently it appears in 7 number of ebizmba rank, with expecting 10,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. He established his blog Mashable in 2005.

He said in an interview with, “….its pretty exciting when you see like in a year, these guys have gone from a garage to having one of the biggest companies in the world. And its..the idea that you could change the world from your bedroom was preety compelling to me. So, I thought,wow if I could even do one percent of that, that would be exciting.”

Now he has accomplish more and more.

What we learn from Pete Cashmore:

Dream high, work continuously, choose right role model and of course work very hard. If you do this you can reach to your dream.

If you want to be good blogger follow the best blogger. We new blogger can learn lot from Pete Cashmore.
Here we present, best link we thought that influence new blogger, where you can see, an interview with Pete Cashmore.
Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on read here
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Reading this article, motivate you to work hard on your field and make your dream come true.

Quick Information about Pete Cashmore:

Date of Birth: 18 September 1985
Birth Place: Scotland
Founder and CEO of
Net worth $95 Million according to celebritynetworth

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