Top 10 Medical Health Websites (Updated)

Top 10 Most Popular Medical Health And Websites:

Here is the list of 10 top medical websites like National Institutes of Health, WebMD, Mayoclinic, cdc also natural health information site Mercola and top health information website like MyFitnesspal, weightwatchers, menshealth and more.
Here: popular means global rank of particular websites. That means higher the rank higher the top position. (Truly informative).


Nih Logo
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
This organization has mission to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living system.NIH constantly Working toward to enhance overall health and life span.
Alexa Global Rank: 364
Traffic Rank in US: 211
Search Keywords: pubmed, ncbi, reporter, medline, pmc, medical dictionalry.
Top traffic source (country): United States 37.2%, India 8.3%
Top Medical Websites 2013. (WebMD)
WebMD logo

WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing health.
Alexa Glabal Rank: 409
Traffic Rank in US: 128
Search Keywords: webmd, weight loss, diet
Top traffic source (Country): US 60.1%, India 11.4%
Top Medical Websites 2013.
MayoClinic logo 

Mayoclinic is clinical experts on health field.
Alexa Glabal Rank:1,167.
Traffic Rank in US: 350.
Search Keywords: mayo clinic, pregnancy exercise till delivery, positive thinking, gluten free diet, uric acid and health.
Top traffic source (Country): US (64.3%), India (9.2%).
Top Medical Websites 2013.

MyFitnessPal logo

MyFitnessPal all about free calorie counter, diet and exercise journal.
Alexa Glabal Rank: 1,197.
Traffic Rank in US: 363.
Search Keywords: myfitnesspal, calorie counter,running.
Top traffic source: US 70.4%, UK 6.2%.
Top Health Websites 2013. logo provides information on drug prescription, interactions and side effects.
Alexa Glabal Rank: 2,021.
Traffic Rank in US: 579.
Search Keywords: pill identifier, drugs, ambien.
Top Traffic source (Country): US 64.3%, India 6.0%.
Top Medical Websites 2013.
WeightWatchers logo provides information on tracking your foods and weights.
Alexa Glabal Rank:2,352.
Traffic Rank in US: 550.
Search Keywords: weight wathcers, weight watchers online.
Top traffic source (Country): US 94.2%, India 0.8%.
Top Health Websites 2013.
Mercola logo

Dr. Joseph Mercola provides Natuaral health information.
Alexa Glabal Rank:2,383.
Traffic Rank in US: 829.
Search Keywords: alkaline water, krill oil, mercola.
Top traffic source (Country): US 61.4%, Australia 7.1%.
Top Health Websites 2013.
Cdc logo

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Alexa Glabal Rank:2,494.
Traffic Rank in US: 810.
Search Keywords: ricin, gonorrhea, herpes.
Top traffic source (country): US 53.9%, India 6.4%.
Top Health Websites 2013.
Men's Health logo

Men's Health provides daily tips and articles especially for men's fitness, nutrition, sex, career and lifestyle.
Alexa Glabal Rank: 2,665.
Traffic Rank in US: 1,145.
Search Keywords: men's health, fitness tips, last longer in bed.
Top traffic source (Country): US 48.1%, India 14.9%.
Top Health Websites 2013.
PsychologyToday logo

Psychology Today has featured columns like Mental health, personality, personal growth, relationship, emotion management and family life.
Alexa Glabal Rank: 3,228.
Traffic Rank in US: 930.
Search Keywords: psychology today, marriage, dallas therapist.
Top traffic source (Country): US 59.4%, India 6.4%.
Top Health Websites 2013.

(Disclaimer: Please take this information as most visited medical and  health website only, not make any medical and health decision just looking this information Ranking is based on Alexa Global rank.)

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