Top Selling Cars In America

Previously I have written Cheapest car commercially selling in America, and World best and cheapest car rental companies and other topics. Now I am going to share with my reader, Top Selling cars in America. has published list of top selling cars in America. Depending on that article I just share here basic information for your quick feeds, because this information definitely helps you, if you are interested in Cars market current scenarios.

Top Selling Cars Brand  In America 2013

According 247, and its own methodology. Although it clearly does not define what is its methodology to make this list. But it says, the base metric point is,’s visitors considerations. So higher the consideration higher the rank. 

1. Fords

With 15.0% considerations Ford becomes most favorite best selling car in America. This American Brand Ford's selling crossed the 1 million units through  May 2013.
Market consideration: 15.0%
YTD Sales: 1,024,000 and Top Selling model: F-Series.

2. Toyota

With 14.6% consideration Toyota becomes second most favorite best selling cars in America. This Japanese Auto brands not only popular in America but in the whole world. And Very rarely miss first position in the world's selling data.
YTD Sales: 787,836 and Top Selling Model: Camry.

3. Honda

Another Japanese brand Honda Claims 3rd position with 12.0% consideration.
YTD Sales: 545,447 and Top Selling model: Accord.

4. Chevrolet

Chevrolet sits in 4th position with 9.1% consideration.
YTD Sales: 821,674 and Top Selling Model: Silverado.

5. Nissan

Japanese brand Nissan sits in 5th place with 8.8% condiration.
YTD Sales: 477,466 and Top Selling Model:  Altima.

6. Hyundai

Hyundai is in 6th place with 7.1% consideration.
YTD sales: 296,003 and Top Selling Model: Elantra.

7. Mazda

Mazda sits in 7th place with 6.4% consideration.
YTD sales: 122,447 and Top Selling Model: Mazda 3

8. BMW

German car BMW is in 8th place with 6.0% consideration.
YTD sales: 113,357 and Top Selling Model: 3 Series.

9. Subaru

In 9th position goes to Subaru, with 5.9% consideration.
YTD sales: 165,362 and Top Selling model: Out back.

10. Volkswagen

In the 10th spot, Volkswagen stays with 5.4% considerations.
Considerations: 5.4%, YTD Sales: 113,357 and Top selling model: Jetta.

(Disclaimer: This list is based on Consumers' Consideration. Methodology used by with helps of And this blog post summary here, to help readers who are interested in cars' market. )
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