Cheap Car Rental: Money Saving Tips (Large List New Customer Most Read)

Car rental service providers and service receivers or customers are growing faster than any businesses. Because of so many benefits, customers can receive from car rentals. Good news more car rental companies are coming and so rental rate of cars also become competitive. (Know cheapest car rental companies in the world). But only savvy and pre-informed customer can receive extra benefits from car rental. This article tells you, why become pre-informed is necessary to receive any business services or business products. General thoughts, this is not necessary to know much about car rental companies because almost all their fares are same. But thats not right in all cases. Lets read why and how to save more money while renting car.

I assume as a smart customer you have already read terms and conditions of car rental companies. If you do not have time, or you are in just hurry then make some time to read them.
The most crucial point is, they charge hidden fees, they have named them with different title for example, sales taxes, airport surcharges, insurance fees, licensing fees, gasoline charges and others coverage fees, so generally, they make you to pay more than their quoted fees, e.g. they make you pay 100 to 200 percent more. If you be aware about these fees, you are already saving additional 100 to 200 percent costs. To save money in car rental service you have to apply different strategy in basically three phase:
1. Before selecting services (includes car types, car rental companies)
2. During the period of hiring
3. At the time of returning.
Ok now starts one by one as much as we can.

Cheap Car Rental Tips: New Customer Most Read

Car rental tips 1: Read Customer Reviews.

Read customer review of those services, you can join different consumers forum, that gives you clue to how to talk with car rental service providers. In another words, from customer review sections you become aware of dark side of their services.

Car Rental Tips 2: Check Meta Search Engine

Check and compare the car rental price from meta search engine like and also ask with your hotel manager, where you stay if they have any cheap deal.

Car Rental Tips 3:  Select Basic Package Deal

Select basic package while renting a car. That includes, car type, navigation options. For example, you can receive all your basic requirement from economy class car, then do not select medium or luxury class car.

Car Rental Tips 4: Navigate Yourself With Basic Utilities.

According to, Hertz leading car rental companies asked £78.50 for one week as cost of hiring a satnav, and Eurocar asked £77, while new satnav can be bought at £50-£60. And another example, for child seat Hertz wanted £78.50 while Eurocar aksed for£74, and £60 for a booster seat. Actually market rate of this product in the UK is just £8. Now compare how much you loss if you do not bring it yourself. Even after paying carrying charge for those stuff you can save a lot of money. That’s why it is suggested to carry basic navigation tools.

Car rental tips 5: Reveal Your Company’s Identity.

Tell you company identity, if you are from reputed company or internationally recognized companies, or from any media house, or from their regular customer (example your company regularly hire cars from their company), doing this, they do not charge you extra hidden fees, or they do not make you face unnecessary hurdle. Instead they provide good discount and other extra services. Now make this as car rental super tips.

Car rental Tips 6: Beware of Insurance Policy.

They try to sell you Collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance which costs you extra $150 or more per week. Before paying this charge aks your insurance agent or credit card issuer to confirm if you have already paid for this with them . Or if you are regular car hirer, then be smart and purchase CDW insurance independently, large options available for example Because these option help you  to save more percentage.

Car rental tips 7: Exercise During The Time of Hiring

During the period of rental time, you have to apply some strategy to save more money. Like, choose shortest route as possible. Park car safely and right place.

Car rental tips 8: Understand Their Fuel Policy.

For example check their fuel policy, whether it is Full to Empty Policy  or Full to Full Policy. Ask yourself which policy suitable for you. If you use full to empty policy, probably you will end up paying for unused fuel too. And if they have Full To Full policy, then fill the tank yourself before returning your car so that you’re only paying for the amount of fuel you really used.
Note: Try to avoid the gas stations near your dropping point, because generally they charge more at these points.

Car rental tips 9: Understand Mileage Policy

Be clear about their mileage policy if there is any restriction or not. If yes, detail it.

Car rental tips 10: Be Aware of Other Charges and Policies.

Be aware of other charges like:
Understand surcharges (if you are under 25)
Their one way rental policy, Local taxes, airport charges, additional, driver fees, drop off charges, and others if any.

Car rental tips 11: Be Smart At The Time of Pick Up

Be smart and careful and Note down all the damage, even little scratches, interior or exterior (inside or outside) and photograph them, and make an official sign on that note.
Check fuel tank, status of spare wheel or others.
Note your car color, car number, car model etc. and keep them safe.

Car rental tips 12: At The Car Returning Time

Always hand the keys back to the official or an authorized person, let them check and prepare paperwork before you go.
After that:
Few days later, check your credit card statement thoroughly and claim if they charged you extra payments.

(Cautions:  Check your belonging  (your bags, cell phone, wallet, sun glasses, or any) before leaving the car, check again two times, if you loss them , then all these saving tips will become  worthless.)

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