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According to prior information this blog is trying to cover all the information related "Home based job or work." (Pardon me for my English, Grammar and spelling because I am Internet bot :) but I will provide my best effort to make this article very informative for you)

We will discuss here one by one related to Home based job and work, like

What is Home-based Job, its reliability and reality, average income, for whom, what qualifications are required? Is it possible to live decent life from home-based job? What are the global trend on home based job? If there any success stories? (Note: I am researching home based job and its related information for my curriculum) So I am here to share as much as possible. Ask me any query till June last.

You need to stay here till June 30 to learn all about home based jobs. (I assume you are new comer and what to learn more about this home based job).

The great fact about home based job is, you might have heard This is high appealing job, many are earning and happily living fully based on this. You have seen, your neighbors, friends and relatives are running home based job. But, when this is about, working online you might have not seen practically working people who are doing online jobs and earning money. ( I am not talking about skilled computer professional, but about their claim, who say, earn money working from home just few hours a day and from elsewhere type skim).

Whole this month, we are trying to figure our actually what types of home based job suitable for us, who are living different parts of world. Have some unique merits and some systematic risk or limitations.

We will discuss about all things like, who are suitable for what type of jobs. For example:
What types of home based jobs are suitable for Teenagers?
What types of home based jobs are suitable for Short term, of job searching period?
What types of home based jobs are suitable for Students?
What types of home based jobs are suitable for house wife?
What types of home based jobs are suitable for Retired persons?
Pros and cons of home based job, comparing to Office job?
Is involving home based job, really waste of time?
Home based job is a foundation for next big company !!
(I provide link for every above topic and more, if I complete article which relevant for these heading)

We try to figure out all these aspects, So please stay here and share your thought and learn more.

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