Best Business School In The World - 2013 (Research Based)

World Best Business Schools are ranked based on Calculation of Cost - Students Pay and Value -Universities Give. For preparing this ranking, Financial Times Report 2013 and , reports are taken as primary source. Forbes latest rank was published on 2011 and Economist latest rank was published on 2012.
Financial Times has just published its rank.
Here is list of World Top Business School 2013

World Best Business School 2013 (MBA)

World Top Business School Top Most 20 Universities

1. Harvard Business School

Country: US
Expected salary after graduation: $187,432 (Average)
Employment: Percentage : 89 (Within three months of graduation)
Financial Time Rank: 1 (world-2013)
Economist Rank: 4 (US-2012)
Forbes Rank: 1(US-2011)
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Harvard Business School is the best business school in the world. Harvard University has 52 billionaire-alumni, with net total wealth of $205 billion. Some Key names are: New York mayor Michael Bloomberg,oil and banking tycoon George Kaiser, eBay's Meg Whitman, also remember famous drop out of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Country: USA
Salary: $195,553
Employment Percentage: 88
Financial Time Rank: 2 (World-2013)
Economist Rank: 8 (US-2012)
Forbes Rank:2 (US-2011)
Further Reading
Stanford University has 27 billionaire-alumni, with total wealth $76 billion. Notable billionaires are: Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, Philip Knight of Nike and David Shaw of hedge funds DE Shaw.

3. University of Pennsylvania Wharton

Country: US
Salary: $195,553
Employment: 92
Financial Time Rank: 3(World-2013)
Economist: 10(US-2012)
Forbes Rank: (US-2011)
Further Reading
University of Pennsylvania, which has one of the best business school, has 28 billionaire-alumni with total wealth $112 billion. Notable Billionaires are real estate titan Mortimer Zuckerman, Daniel Och of hedge fund Och-Ziff and Michael Milkmen.

4. London Business School

Country: UK
Salary: $162,570
Employment: 92
Financial Time Rank:4(World-2013)
Economist Rank :3 (Europe-2012)
Forbes Rank:1 (Europe-2011)

5. Columbia Business School

Country: US
Salary: $179,568
Employment: 92
Financial Time Rank:5(World-2013)
Economist: 5(US-2012)
Forbes Rank: 5 (US-2011)

6. Insead

Country: France/Singapore
Salary: $154,798
Employment: 86
Financial Time Rank: 6(World-2013)
Economist Rank: 6 (Europe-2012)
Forbes Rank: 2 (Europe-2011)

7. Iese Business School

Country: Spain
Salary: $147,495
Employment: 95
Financial Time Rank:7(World-2013)
Economist Rank: 1 (Europe-2012)
Forbes Rank: 3 (Europe-2011)

8. Hong Kong UST Business School

Country: China
Salary: $132,685
Employment : 95
Financial Time Rank: 8(World-2013)
Economist: 7 (2012-Asia Pacific)
Forbes Rank:-

9. MIT Sloan

Country: US
Salary: $160,810
Employment: 85
Financial Time Rank:9(World-2013)
Economist: 7(US-2012)
Forbes Rank:10 (US-2011)

10. University of Chicago: Booth

Country: US
Salary: $164,678
Employment: 92
Financial Time Rank: 10(World-2013)
Economist: 1(US-2012)
Forbes Rank:3(US-2011)

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