Why Asian Amercan Are Richer, Smarter And Hardworker

Asian American Are Richer, Smarter And Hardworker Why

According to businessinsider latest articles "The rise of Asian American chart shows Median household income of 2010 as below
U.S. Population $49,800
Asians $66,000
Whites $54,000
Hispanics $40,000
Blacks $33,300

This is because of Asian American think America is dream land and they are here to work hard, and their spending habits are also low, and specially, Asian American carry their Asian Family Values as well, that helps them make cooperation among family members like Asian do.

If anybody works hard, earn more and spend less, that means he or she save more, and that’s why he or she is smarter,

one of the reason might be, whole immigration scenario, for example, many bright brain and smart Asian think, their opportunity land is the US so they want to go there, and most of immigrant Asian-American are so-called smarter in their home country too.

But more important thing is of course family value and morals, which they carry whenever they go. Example, most of Asian countries parents think their responsibility to feed and support their children even their children are grown up, or sometime even they are retired from work, and Childs also think, they must follow and respect words of their parent. Children earn but need permission to spend.

And Especially in America, they think they are here to work more than anything, entertainment, spending like things are secondary, work is primary.