Top 10 Best Free Classifieds Sites In UK (Updated List)

Top Free Classifieds Sites UK

There are numbers of free classifieds sites in the UK. But it is more beneficial to recognize and use top sites. Because doing so, you can save lots of time and easily you can reach your targeted audiences.
Here is the list of top 10 UK's free classifieds sites, that covers large portion of free advertising market in the UK. Using these sites you save lots of time and efforts.

Methodology: All listed sites have good PR, and here ranking is based on users engagements from the UK. That means higher the daily visits, higher the rank. So, this blog uses, Alexa UK rank to define popularity.

How to use: use classifieds categories to take hints about main categories for that site. Traffic rank in UK says site's rank in the UK and Alexa global rank defines global rank of site in the world. And website provides you webaddress of the site. 

List of Top 10 Free Classifieds Sites In UK

UK's Top free classifieds site: Gumtree logo

1. Gumtree

Gumtree is the UK  number 1 free classifieds site.
Classifieds categories: cars, vans and motor bikes, for sale, Jobs, Flats and houses, services, community, pets, competitions.
Traffic rank in UK 23.
Alexa global rank 749.
Website: www.gumtree.com.
Free classifieds site in UK.

2. Craigslist.co.uk

Craigslist’s UK classified site has ranked in number 2 position, with 393 UK rank. .
Classifieds categories: Community, housing, jobs, personals, for sale, discussion forums, services, gigs, resumes.
Traffic rank in UK 393.
Alexa global rank 9561.
Free classifieds site in UK.

3. Vivastreet.co.uk

Vivastreet.co.uk is another top free ads classifieds site.
Classifieds categories: Buy and sell, vehicles, services, property, jobs, pets, community, free personals, farming, classes, domestic help.
Traffic rank in UK: 659.
Alexa traffic rank: 12,552.
Website: www.vivastreet.co.uk.
Free classifieds site in UK.

4. Friday-ad.co.uk

Friday ad is one of the top free ads and online classifieds site in UK.
Classifieds categories: For sale, cars, vans and trucks, jobs, motorcycles, computing and gaming, Music and Instruments, Boats and outboards, property and rentals, services, holidays and travel, community and leisure, business and finance.
Traffic rank in UK: 878.
Alexa global rank: 18,155.
Website: www.friday-ad.co.uk.
Free classifieds site in UK.

5. Freeads.co.uk

Freeads.co.uk  where users can have classified ads,  and great place for free ads.
Classifieds categories: pets, equestrian, motors, business, computers and gaming, home and garden, leisure and hobbies, sound and vision and other sections.
Traffic rank in UK: 1,199.
Alexa global rank: 14,530.
Free classifieds site in UK.

6. UKclassifieds.co.uk

UKclassifieds.co.uk for  free UK classifieds, free ads, free local classifieds ads.
Classifieds categories: Vehicles, property, jobs, travel, business and offices, pets and animals, farm, hobbies, clothing and apparel, personals and more.
Traffic rank in UK: 2,868.
Alexa global rank: 22,359.
Website: ukclassifieds.co.uk.*
Free classifieds site in UK.

7. Loot.com

Loot.com is one of the top classified ads, free advertising UK sites.
Classifieds categories: Electrical, home and garden, pet and livestock, property, business and loans, jobs, motoring, leisure and lifestyle, travel, dating and more.
Traffic rank in UK 3,066.
alexa global rank 37,942.
Website: loot.com.
Free classifieds site in UK.

8. Adoos.co.uk

Adoos.co.uk is for free classifieds ads.
Classifieds categories: Motors, for sale, property, jobs, community, personals, services, work wanted.
Traffic rank in UK: 15,447.
Alexa global rank: 55,194.
Website: www.adoos.co.uk
Free classifieds site in UK.

9. Locanto.co.uk

Locanto.co.uk is free classifieds site for free ads.
Classifieds categories: jobs, for sale, personals, vehicles, pets, services, for rent, real estate and more.
Traffic rank in UK: 18,763.
Alexa global rank: 31,314.
Website: www.locanto.co.uk.
Free classifieds site in UK.

10. Ad-mart.co.uk

Traffic rank in UK 36,311.
Alexa global rank 31,907.
Website: ad-mart.co.uk.*
Free classifieds site in UK.

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Noteable New Comer Classifieds site of UK

In this section, Adflyer.co.uk has made its place because of it's rank in the UK.


Adflyer.co.uk is UK’s fastest growing marketplace. Though it has #166,443 alexa global rank but it has #39,117 traffic rank so it is considered as one of the fastest growing marketplace.
Classifieds categories: Appliances, baby, infants and nursery, books and reading, cameras and photography, clothes and Accessories, collectables, Electronics, health and beauty, home and garden pets, toys and games.
Traffic rank in UK 39,117.
Alexa global rank: 166,443.
Website: www.adflyer.co.uk.

Disclaimer: Rankings are based on sites' traffic rank in UK, which is based on Alexa country rank. If there are any top sites which are not listed in this list. Let me know, I will add as soon as possible.

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References: www.alexa.com, wikipedia.org and respective sites.