Money Saving Tips For Young People and Young Entrepreneurs

Money Saving Tips
Here I have listed best practically applicable money saving tips for Young people and for Young Entrepreneurs:

Money Saving Tips:

1. Carry only minimum cash as much as possible:

When you have little money in your pocket, you can not spend more for that day. So always carry minimum cash in your pocket. This is simple tip, but many fail to follow this rule.

2. Stop buying fashionable stuffs including clothes:

If you want to save your money, follow this rule. Most of the Younger people tend to spend more their money on shopping. Don't Buy new clothes for one or two months and see how much money you can save.

3. Change your habits:

For saving your money, you have to change your present habit like your travelling pattern (use public vehicle), eat in cheap places, spend your holiday with your friends rather spending alone.

4. Use Online Shopping:

If you buy through online, you can save money. Because it cuts your travelling cost and other unnecessary cost you bear for buying same things from outlet stores.

5. Involve In Jobs

For saving it is important to have jobs, because jobless people spends more in unnecessary things, than job holder. 

6. Start Saving

This is important point. Best idea to cut spending is starting saving. Open account and start saving regularly. Think like this is your gas bill, which you have to pay regularly.

7. If it works, Buy Second Hand

There are some goods, buying second hand or new one does not affect. For example, Furniture, buy second hand furniture for household.

8. Involve whole family:

Make your saving plan with your family.

9. Fix Target:

Try to fix target for saving money

10. Don't Spend Now

Yes, Do not send now, say I will spend tomorrow, not today.

(Those are some money saving tips, which can easily applied. I like to share and learn all stuff about money and entrepreneurship. If you are same like me, we can achieve our goal, if you focus on our goal and work regularly toward it)


  1. This is great practical advice specially #1. I'll keep this in mind.

  2. @Thomas Watson- Thank You for your comment