Car Rentals: 10 Cheapest Car Rental Best Companies

After writing on Brand new cheapest cars commercially available in America, I have prepared myself to write about cheap but best cars rental companies in the world. For making this article, I reviewed different websites, different articles of famous authors of famous news papers, websites, and customer reviews.

This list is not applicable for all readers because of their own preferences and their own individual experience related to these service providers. But following companies are considered as leading car rental companies, and if you have some information about these companies, it may help you to negotiate with your local car rental companies. For example if you are searching car rental companies out side America and Europe ( e.g. car rental Japan, car rental Brazil, Car Rental India or anywhere), this information gives you strong position to deal and ask some key questions about their services.)

Further Tips:, like websites are car rental "meta search engines", they provide you comparison of lowest rental price from among following service providers and others leading service providers.

And Also, do not forget to read and find out your car rental companies policies, terms and conditions, cancellation policies, their route policies, insurance policies, whether they charge hidden fees or not, underage (young driver) policies, Pick up, drop off, time and locations, and other customer service and care.

Now Enjoy!!

Cheapest Car Rental Companies In The World

1. Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental Logo

Hertz car rental is one of the biggest car rental service providers in the world. This is also one of the Global 2000 Forbes companies.
Hertz Rent a car has been providing quality car service for over 90 years (Founded in 1918).

Key Features of Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Gold Plus awards: Hertz Gold Plus awards : Hertz car rental company is promoting its business in Europe particularly in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland) with  new Hertz Gold plus award program.
Car rental types: All types of car rental include economy car rental, business car rental and more.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

2. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car logo

Enterprise Rent-A-car founded in 1957, since then it has become on of the best and cheapest rental cars service providers especially in North America (United States car rental service, Canada car rental service) and Europe (UK car rental service, Ireland car rental service, Germany car rental service, France car rental service and Spain car rental service). Enterprise offers a wide variety of car leasing, vanpooling, car sharing and hourly rental programs. has also involved in car selling service.

Key Features of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Car rental types: Cargo vans rental, compacts rental, mid-sized cars rental, SUV rental, Pickup Truck rental, long term rental, one way rentals, luxury rental and more.
Separate service for customer with disabilities
Special Features: Enterprise plus TM option to get extra discount.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

3. National CarRental

National car rental logo

National car offers you car rental service at the most popular business travel and vacation destinations throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Australia.

Key Features of National Car Rental

Popular Locations: Car Rental Atlanta, Car Rental Boston, Car Rental Chicago and all over the US. Canada Car Rental.
Services: National Car Rental offers a large selection (economy car rental, full size car rental, convertibles car rental and different types of vehicles)
Extra: Last Minute Specials Car Rental Deals. (Special car rental service and cheap rental car rates).

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

4. Budget Car Rental

Budget car rental logo

Budget car rental is another best and cheap car rental service provider, offer service through out the US and also Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Key Features of Budget Car Rental

Car type: small car rental, medium car rental, large car rental, fuel efficient-green car rental, convertible rental, cargo van/moving truck rental.
Excellent GPS Navigations options Include: Insurance coverage, roadside safetynet, disability products, child safety seats, and many more.
Pick up services, one way car rental services.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

5. Dollar Car Rental

Dollar car rental logo

Dollar car rental considered as one of the cheapest cars rental service provider companies.

Key features of Dollar Car Rental

 lock low and Go offer, rent to buy offer
Rental car types: All major categories.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

6. Alamo Car Rental

Alamo car rental logo

Alamo car rental is one of the best car rental service providers.

Key features of Alamo Car Rental.

Discount code offer available
Attractions: Client can win a 2014 Ford Mustang
Car types: Economy cars rental service, Compact cars rental,  Mid size cars rentals, Standard cars rentals, Hybrid cars rentals,  SUVs rentals, Trucks rentals, Vans rentals.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

7. ThriftyCar Rentals And Rental Car Deals

Thrifty car rental logo

This car rental service now has been acquired by Hertz Global Holdings, Inc (See: Number 1)
Key Features:
Win with wild card program,
Convenient car rental locations across the US, every major cities and airports.
Car rental types: luxury car rental, convertibles car rental, minivans rental, and more.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

8. AvisCar Rental

Avis car rental logo
Avis car rental is another best global car rental service provider.
Key Features of Avis Car Rental
All Types of vehicle available for rental service.
Membership service available.
Cheap Car Rental Companies.

9. Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent a car logo highlighted itself as cheap car rental agency, discount car rentals and airport car rental company.

Key Features of Fox Rent A Car

Fox Hot Deals with clearly quotes price rate and valid dates.

Cheap Car Rental Companies.

10. Ace Rent A car

Ace rent a car logo

Ace rent a car provides discount auto rent service.

Key features of Ace Rent A Car

Low cost service, Great cars with all model, membership allow, easy airport parking, and more.
Cheap Car Rental Companies.

In This blog you can find most accurate and informative informations.
Disclaimer: Please read car rental companies policies and ask questions as much as you like, because you car customer, and make your own favorite list of car rental companies yourself,
Picture credit: Their respective websites.