Virtual Business: Best Virtual Business For New Startup

Virtual Business

Imagine you are going to open business for 2014 and beyond. Which business would you like to run? Virtual business, of course virtual business is best for anyone. No need to set up physical outlet, no need to pay huge rent for pioneer office location. Virtual business can start from anywhere, from your room, famous word from your garage, bed room anywhere. Virtual  is implicit business. In virtual, actual location is hidden, though that business can provide services, deliver goods, has customers, has products and service. Can provide service without physical contact with customers. Hidden type of business can deliver goods without being own factory, more than that without being own outlet. Work is done through, virtual management, virtual employees. Virtual business hugely depends on technology. Specially internet technology, and communicating technology plays great virtual role on this business.

Best Virtual Business

In real example, hidden business environment and their key role players transact billions of dollar annually. Here is the list of world best virtual companies.

Virtual  Amazon Business

Virtual Business
Virtual Business: Amazon logo Pic Credit:
Amazon world best online retailer. Amazon company famously known mainly as its virtual website, hugely operates through website and it has worldwide customer that called in virtual business environment.

Virtual eBay Business

Virtual Business
Virtual Business: eBay Logo Pic credit: is another famously run business model, that works fully in virtual world. Sellers and buyers can meet and do business on eBay virtual business world. And also Paypal.

Virtual Alibaba Business is one of the most visited Chinese website, that enables manufacturers and buyers to meet on virtual environment.
Each of this virtual business has billion dollar transaction. And hugely profitable in their niche.

Virtual Business And You

Online business is called virtual business. If you study above businesses and other online businesses, they are usually established by one man or two. Initial investment for those businesses were really low. There was a strong determination, a clear vision, of founders. At the time of initial phase all businesses were set up in virtual offices, there was no actual offices. Now after one or two decades, these business leads the industries. Who knows one day you can be at the success list. Starting a virtual small business, no need to huge investment, no restriction of location, no customer limitation, no age bar of founder. Teen can be a successful businessperson. A grand person can be successful businessman or woman.

List of virtual business you can start immediately

  • Ecommerce website

If you are a marketing genius, or serious about learning marketing or if you have knowledge about how to built website, then start ecommerce site. Ecommerce is now very competitive sector, but if you focus on a selected niche, then your site can be successful. Gradually you can move another niche and include other categories in your ecommerce site.

  • Online service provider sites

On this category there are many sectors, including human resource management, travel service, online ticketing, event management, online coaching, online tutorial, online website service and others. As a virtual online business just select one and give daily some hours for few months and compare result. If there is any chance of progress. Add budget and make strong business plan for next some years.

Further reading: here is the list of online (virtual) business, you can start right now. With or without business partners you can set up and run a virtual firm anywhere any time. Just provide excellent customer service and solve the issue of customer, with your service or virtual products. Or just provide virtual space to run business and earn through rental business model.  Scope of internet business is wide, from virtual store to virtual transaction fall in this category.  Transaction of stocks are virtual. Online trading is virtual. You can make this list even more long, after some research. Before starting any business, whether virtual or real, need solid business vision. Business determination is really important than any.

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