Top 30 List of Great Business Ideas 2014 Most Read

After writing on best home based jobs, here i am going to write best business ideas for 2013 which need some money as startup, and your time and great passion. These business ideas are considered as great business ideas.Edited: December 2013.
Hope you will enjoy it.

Top Business Ideas 2014

Top Business Ideas

Great business Ideas 2013

1. Acquire new startup: Yahoo is acquiring different startup companies, why not you.
2. Seek opportunities in foreign land: Sometime transfer of your existing knowledge makes you fortune. Bring your ideas in to different part of world and make your fortune.
3. Build online business company: Building online company, making it successful and going public is one of the shortest ways to become billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg.
4. Invest in Renewable energy business.

Financial and money based business idea

 This is suitable for them, who have some liquid cash funds.
5. Micro lending service: start money lending business.
6. Invest in stock: invest you money into emerging businesslike Warren Buffett.
7. Be a promoter: in young entrepreneur startup business

Agro based business ideas:

 Agro based business ideas are also able to make you billionaire like youngest self made agricultural billionaire Andrey Verevskiy and Thailand richest man Dhanin Chearavanont.
8. Grow high earn crops and earn $100,000 and more in your limited field learn more:
9. Poultry: You can run your poultry business (this is emerging business in developing countries)

Online Business Ideas 2013

Online business ideas need no or just little investment and anyone can start:
10. Content writer: Write good content and sell it
11. Blogger: Write your own blog on your interested topic and earn.
12. Social network marketing: Use Facebook and Youtube to promote other products and brands.
13. Online dating sites: This is emerging online business like Bang with friends 
14. Become online Tutor: Solve others problems through online.

Home Based Business Ideas:

15. Yoga instructor: share your health and spiritual knowledge with others; you can add this in your list.
16. Home based food provider: take a deal with local running offices and provide hygienic homemade Tiffin set in their lunch time. Emerging business in developing countries.
17. Child care center: change your home day child care center.
18. Hair and beauty instructor: if you are passionate about beauty and fashion then add it into your list.
19. Unique boutique: make unique boutiques stuff from your room and sell them to special customers.
20. Special Instructor: Share your knowledge and ability  with others like website designing, programming or others.

Creative Business Ideas:

21. Printing and Selling T-shirt: this is one of the great business ideas, print t-shirt with your creative ideas example like best Facebook status and sell them or in your local festival or game competition, make slogan to support your team and sell them to team fans.
22. Face Printing Business: also applicable especially in street festival and game show.
23.Organize Special Events: if you have great social skill and this can be another great business ideas.
24.Graphic designer: if you are creative, then pick some existing logo or brochure of running local business then modified their logo and brochure, give them your sample and take business deal.

Other Great Business ideas:

25. Coffee shop with library or music store.
26. Food cart service occasional or regular
27. Provide homemade energy drink, cookies, chips.
28. Open computer parts retail business (example: buy unique headphone, laptops bags, earphone, smart-phone show cover and sell them).
29. Sell tour and travel package. And Make Documentary while doing travels. 
30. Run popular show in your local TV and Radio Station.

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