Top List of Best New Business Ideas 2013 (With Success Stories) Most Read

For new business ideas, you have two options, add some great features in existing products or service, or create your own new products or service lines. After your favorite top best business ideas, today as new business ideas I am going to share very exciting new business startup, because great entrepreneurs have proved it, doing themselves.

New Business Ideas 2013

New Business Ideas

Great New Online Business Ideas

1. Build new mobile application: A research report predicts by end of 2013, US sales in mobile will increase by 32 percent and cross $6 billion. Get benefits from this raising trends; you do not need to build your own mobile company. What you can do is, build a mobile application. Of course, it requires special technical skill and programming knowledge, but if you can build something new, you can easily get your dream like.

2. Make game for social networking sites: According to current research the time spending rate of common social networking users has grown over 250% in just the past two year. And they are not there just of updating status, pictures, tweeting, their engagement of online games are also increasing, so if you are searching new online business ideas, try to make new social media game.

3. Do Social media marketing: To be successful on online, you do not need to be only a computer programmer, there are lots of way, and social media marketing is great way to lead you in your financial dream. Annual revenue of medium level social network marketers has crossed $100,000. Main article: List of high paying home based jobs.

4.  Open IT security company: There is a prediction, total spending of cyber security in US industry costs $5 billion for 2013. You can think about it.

5. Open online shop (selling only one specific Item): For example says opening online shoe sale site is another great idea. Because a report says, in 2013, shoe sales bring near $ 9 billion in revenue. And don’t worry, existing big online players include (Amazon) covers only 16 percent of the industry.Or only sell customized print t-shirt.

New Innovative Business Ideas (Example)

If your concern is how to produce new innovative ideas, and you are truly mean then you can produce better. And guess, after you produce an appealing idea then you can easily sell it. Here are some examples of innovative business ideas.

New business ideas example 1: Nick was just 15 years old, when he created this application in his study room, and by 17 year he became millionaire. He created Summly to assist his homework. Summly is an mobile application that scans the web  for news and find the type of content user want to read, then it summarizes and makes it to fit for the screen of smartphones. Main: Success story of Nick D'Aloisio.

New business ideas example 2: Smiirl made Fliike ( a real time Facebook fan counter). With the help of Fliike, Facebook page owner can display his/her updated new Facebook like page. (Fliike is an application, when it goes online with the help of wifi, it shows latest updated total numbers of Facebook like. And now business owners who have more like than their competitors are displaying it in counter desk or in display window. Now, your turn think about tweeter :).

New business ideas example 3:Evan Spiegel and his friends, launched SnapChat from Spiegel's father's living room in September 2011. And now their different idea on photo sharing tool makes them, owners of a company with $860 million valuation in less than 2 years. Main: Fast Company: Snapchat A $860 Million Company In Less Than 2 Years. 

Another example:
New business ideas example 4:Dorian Shirazi used to buy computer components in bulk from Asia (at the age of 15), and sell them on eBay and earn lot more. (He is founder of Fwix, who rejected $35 million acquisition offer from Google).

Best new business ideas

Do not think only online business has great potential; there are lot of offline business that can make you successful. Main: top best business ideas.

6. Run indoor game facility: Running an indoor game facility like handball, skating, golf is another great idea.

7. Purchase used car and change it to electric car: I think this idea can give you some insight, EVprofessor says, there are 300 million cars in the USA and only 100 thousand are electric so far, so if you can covert used cars to electric you can make nice income.

New business ideas for developing countries

8.  Open your home based entertainment business:You can arrange weekend disco party or culture party in your home and sell ticket to your friends.

9.  Run online shop: If you can provide great service then there is huge scope of online shopping store.

10. Invest in renewal energy : For example, solar power panel and installation services can be great idea.

Great reading for entrepreneurs:

It is recommended to do your own market research and interest skilled before starting any business.

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