Agriculture Will Make You Rich Most Read Entrepreneurs (Agriculture Article)

Good news for all of you who wants to be agriculture entrepreneur. Agriculture is back bone for many developing countries. In my previous agriculture article I have written, next billionaire comes from agriculture. In this Agriculture article i am going to share you some information about high priced crops that can be grown commercially.
In nice article, Craig Wallin says that it is quite easy to make $100,000 from specialty crops in the US. And Same goes to else where, if you do research according to your location, climate and market.

Agriculture Article: List of Cash Generating Crops For Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Some of the common cash crops:


According to bamboo nurseries potted bamboo can be sold at price up to $200 each without hurdle.


Elephant garlic, retails for up to $6 per pound and produces up to 1500 pounds per acre.


A lavender plant can be sold up to $10

Cut Flowers

Virginia grower Lisa Zieglar pockets up to $ 5 per stem for her sun flowers.

Grand Cover

Grand Cover can brings profits up to $20 per square foot.


From 10×10 space, you can bring up to $15000.

If you want to know about even more profitable plants, here I have organized some information for you. 

Most Expensive Crops:


Vanilla can brings up to $120 per pound and gives you net approximately $300000 from per acre but it need  some hard works.


Saffron prices range from $500 to $5000 per pound.


Ginseng known as green gold, its fully grown roots can be sold up to $400 for a pound.

Now its your time to search high price crops than can be commercially produced. If you want to earn serious cash from agriculture then it requires serious hard work and field visit of successful grower or agriculture entrepreneur.

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