Mark Zuckerberg Teaches Top 7 Lesson For Business Owner (Most Read)

What Can Business Owner learn From Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook officially from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004 from his laptop. Now his Facebook company has become multi-billion company, and he is on of the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. Today Facebook has more than 1,110 million active users. Facebook is second most visited website (First is Google). It has record breaking result. In 2010 March Facebook became most visited website in the world. According to DoubleClick, in the month of June 2011, Facebook reached on trillion page view.

Now as main theme of this post lets begin what lesson learnt from Mark Zuckerberg (For Business Owner)

1. Keep Building Customers, Not Profit

Facebook started out as  directory to help Harvard students. That time Facebook helped students recognize and better connect with one another. People love your product and service offer, when the emphasis lay on them and their needs as opposed to making only money.

2. Engage Customer

By nature human needs interactions. Facebook filled that gap and allowed users to interact. Similarly if you allow your customers to engage each others by any means, then there are more chances you success faster.

3. Make It Simple

Facebook was not a totally new ideas or any big invention. Mark Zuckerberg only did simple thing, that people around him loved that. And Facebook objective is also very simple: Just connect people. And it require only little skill to use basic function of Facebook. Similarly great product Google is also very simple to use. So make your product or service as simple as it can be.

4. Be A First Customer Of Your Own Product or Service

If you say your product is best, or it serves customers, then show proof, be a customer of your own product, like Mark Zuckerberg did, he opened his account very soon.

5. Dream Big And Go For Long-Term

Mark Zuckerberg, resisted offer of advertising when Facebook was gaining its popularity in the initial phase, because he was thinking making it big. He did not want to mess his goal with money. But now in Long term he became multi-billionaire.

6. Make Cool And Simple

Another lesson from Mark Zuckerberg is make your product cool and simple. Still now Zuckerberg did not implement pop-up advertising in Facebook. That makes Facebook still cool and simple after implementing and later focusing on advertisement. Just offer your ad do not force it to your customer.

7. let Customer Feel, Products Is Their

Now, all spend more time on Facebook and they like their Facebook account because, Facebook let them feel that, actually Facebook is their own homepage, personal means to share and connect with their close friends and world. If you can give similar feeling of belongings  to your customers then your competitors can  not beat your product and service

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