Nick D'Aloisio (17yrs) Founder of Summly Teaches You Something

Nick D'Alosio
What happened last week, happy news, a 17 year old A-Level Student, became millionaire, inspires the all of young entrepreneurs. Nick D'Alosio (birth date: November-1,1995), Founder of Summly, an application, became a millionaire by selling it to internet giant Yahoo. Yahoo is paying $30 Million for this application.This new has become one of the most notable news in Tech Field around the world. Most of the news sites have published this news in their headlines.

Nick was just 15 years old, when he created this application in his study room, and by 17 year he became millionaire. He created Summly to assist his homework. Summly is an mobile application that scans the web  for news and find the type of content user want to read, then it summarizes and makes it to fit for the screen of smartphones.
He did not make this application to become millionaire. He was just doing it to make his daily work simple. So, what he teaches us is if we can make any thing that makes our daily life smooth and easy, finally that leads us to success.
If you want to be millionaire, impact the million.  Just think your own problem, think what improvement you need and you believe that can solve them. For example, he is student he is facing problem on homework, then he creates something to solve that problem. And he is just an example of student, like him many are facing that same problem. When that application came out, they felt relief.
In everyday life, we are facing some problem, they might be own daily life or social life. If you represent some wing of social life, that means whether you are student, teacher, parents, housewife or others. Just analyse their problem and do something which try to solve and make your life easy. then at the end you will be successful and also it takes no longer than you think. What you need to be just creative and do some homework, it is not necessary to think and want to be in tech geek, you can be successful in any field, if you can improve people's life.
So once again want to be millionaire? Then impact the million.

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