Top 10 World's Most Powerful Women 2013

World Most Powerful Women 2013

This week Forbes announced, the World’s 100 most powerful women. According to Forbes, the ranking method is based on candidates: Money, Media Presence and Impact.

To define the world’s 100 most powerful women, for every year, Forbes choose candidates from seven major categories:
2. Business 
3.Lifestyle (Including entertainment and fashion)
5.Non-profit and NGOs

Forbes describes those categories as ‘Power-Base’

So, according to those powerbase, Forbes chosen German Chancellor Angela Markel as No. 1 power woman. She came from politics categories.
Ranked first row or top 10 positions are dominant by politics category. 6 power women came from politics category, 2 from Philanthropy/NGO category, 1 from Technology and 1 from business categories.
Here is the full list of Top 10 World’s Powerful Women.

Top 1: Angela Markel
2012 rank- 1
Age: 58
Country: Germany
Position: Chancellor, Germany
Category: Politics
Why?: Because of her powerful role in European Union. She has been described as fate of Euro

Top 2: Dilma Rousseff
2012 rank- 3
Age: 65
Country: Brazil
Position: President, Brazil
Category: Politics
Why?: Because of her leading role to provide growth pace to world seven largest national economy.

Top 3: Melinda Gates
2012 rank- 4
Age: 48
Country: United States
Position: Cochair, Bill & Melinda Gates
Category: Philanthropy/NGO
Why?: Because of her Foundation working towards to achieve goal to eradicate polio worldwide by 2018 and get modern contraceptives to another 120 million by 2020.

Top 4: Michelle Obama
2012 rank- 7
Age: 49
Country: United States
Position: First Lady, United States
Category: Politics
Why: Because of her popularity in Media, She is more popular than her husband Barack Obama (President, USA ) by far (47%)

Top 5: Hilary Clinton
2012 rank- 2
Age: 65
Country: United States
Position: Personality, Philanthropist
Category: Politics
Why: She has a CV full of first and she is very popular, she will be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidates.

Top 6: Sheryl Sandberg
2012 rank- 10
Age: 43
Country: United States
Position: COO, Facebook
Category: Technology
Why?: Because of her important role in number one social media Facebook. One of the greatest reason is her leading role to implement Facebook Mobile Ads, Facebook Mobile earned highest than any other Mobile Ads publisher in 2012 in US.

Top 7: Christine Lagarde
2012 rank- 8
Age: 57
Country: France
Position: Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Category: Philanthropy/NGO
Why?: Because of her role on battle against Debt Crisis in Europe. She is the first woman to run the 188-country financial organization.

Top 8: Janet Napolitano
2012 rank- 9
Age: 55
Country: United States
Position: Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, United States
Category: Politics
Why?: Because of her leading role of very important department of United States.

Top 9: Sonia Gandhi
2012 rank- 6
Age: 66
Country: India
Position: President, Indian National Congress, Inida
Category: Politics
Why: Because of her powerful role in Indian politics, world’s second-most-populous country and tenth largest economy. She is the longest-serving chief of India’s ruling political party.

Top 10: Indra Nooyi
2012 rank- 12
Age: 57
Country: United States
Position: CEO, PepsiCo
Category: Business
Why?: Because of her leading role in PepsiCo and making notable increases in the revenue of this company.

Read full list of 100 World Hundred Power Women (Forbes Link)

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