Agricultural Youngest Billionaire Andrey Verevskiy (True Inspirational)

Andrey Verevskiy Youngest Self Made Agricultural Billionaire

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If you are planning to become agricultural entrepreneur but still not finding Agricultural Business Role Model, or You have curiosity like Can Agricultural entrepreneur become billionaire? If yes Then How many years does it take? Might be decades and decades. And So many. If you have all these questions, then let me help you to give some clues.

I proudly present World's Youngest Self-made Agricultural billionaire Andrey Verevskiy (born on July 25, 1974-Ukraine)  to prove, Yes Agriculture has great potential to make agricultural billionaire. Andrey Verevskiy is just 38 years old now with net worth $ 1 Billion (as per March-2013 forbes). That means he became billionaire less than with in two decades.

After graduating in Agronomics from the National Agrarian University, Andrey Verevskiy opened a small grain trading enterprise, at the age of 19 yrs old. He involved in grain trading when most of youths were focusing in Tech Business, and era of Internet Rising. But stepping out of track, Verevskiy chosen the path to become Agro-Entrepreneur. Now decades later his enterprises Kernel Holding has become Ukraine’s largest sunflower oil producer and he is world youngest self made Agricultural billionaire.

Later he involved in Ukraine’s politics and elected to Parliament. He expanded his business into Russia, he acquired two oil extracting factories and a port terminal. says he now operates a lots of business some of them are:
ZAO Melovsky Plant refined oils
Ltd. Kernel Trade
LLC Kernel Invest
OOO Kernel Capital
Ltd Kernel Trust
LLC Hold Invest
3 Transport enterprises in the Poltava and Lugansk , 5 agribusiness in Poltava, Odega, Cherkasy Regions.

If you are searching right example of Agricultural entrepreneur consider him as best example. And make yourself assure that, agriculture sector have potential to make billionaire, more than that younger billionaire like technology or financing business, if have long term business plan and true enthusiasm to become agro-entrepreneur. Like Billionaire Jim Rogers  says, next billionaires will come from Laborious Guys working on farm not from smart guys working on finance (READ MORE).

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