Best Sports Websites 2013

For My readers who love sports, I have completed the list of top 10 most visited sports related websites (fully sport based website) in the world.
ESPN is the most popular sports website in the world, Here are others top sports website, includes ESPN,, and more.

Note: Rankings are made in the basis of Alexa Rank. now enjoy !!

Best Sports Websites 2013


Alexa Global Rank: 106
Traffic Rank In US: 27
Keywords: espn, nba, soccernet
More than 79.5 percent of visitors come from US.


Alexa Global Rank: 174
Traffic Rank in India: 17
Keywords: Live cricket, live cricket score, cricket, cricket live
More than 66.6 percent of visitors come from India.


Alexa Global Rank: 327
Traffic Rank in US: 170
Keywords: nba, nba standings, lakers, miami heat,
More than 42.2 percent of visitors come from US.

4. Bleacher

Alexa Global Rank 382
Traffic Rank 109
Keywords bleacher report, cristiano ronaldo, messi, messi vs ronaldo.
More than 72.2 percent of visitors come from US.


Alexa Global Rank: 472
Traffic Rank in US: 91
Keywords: mlb, red sox, yankee, sf giants, baseball
79.1 percent of visitors come from US.

6. Live

Alexa Global Rank: 644
Traffic Rank in Indonesia: 320
Keywords:livescore, live score gets most of the visitors from Indonesia (11.0 Percent)

7. CBS

Alexa Global Rank: 671
Traffic Rank in US: 235
Keywords:  Cbs sports, kevin ware, mock draft, nba, nfl mock draft, super bowl top source of visitors: US 81. 7 percent


Alexa Global Rank: 696
Traffic Rank in US: 301
Keywords: flyers, boston bruins, nhl standings, balckhawks, bruins, pittsburgh penguins gets most of the visitors from United States (54.0 percent)


Alexa Global Rank: 706
Traffic Rank in US: 320
Keywords: bodybuilding, weight gainer, body building, workout gets most of the visitors from US (47.7 percent)

10. Sky

Alexa Global Rank: 1,167
Traffic Rank in UK: 68
Keywords: sky sports, sky sports football, top source of visitors: UK (44.1 %)