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Here is the list of knowledgeable Agriculture Facts. For example, Agriculture Market of America, Notable business companies and people of Agriculture Business. That gives you interesting information about General Agriculture facts, American Agriculture Facts, UN (United Nations) Agriculture Facts, Agricultural Technology Facts and Agriculture Business Facts. Probably it gives you some ideas about agricultural scenarios.

Top 26 Facts About Agriculture

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Facts About Agriculture: US Agriculture Facts.

Agriculture Fact 1: Approximately consumers spend $547 billion for food, which produces on U.S. Farms and ranches. The farmers get 23 cents of each dollar spent on food.
Agriculture Fact 2. On average, around worth of $6 million, agricultural products of us (grains, oil seeds, cotton, meats, vegetables, snack foods, etc.) prepared to export to foreign markets.
Agriculture Fact 3. US agricultural exports generate more than $100 billion annually.
Agriculture Fact 4. US agricultural sectors provide nearly 1 million employment.
Agriculture Fact 5. In US, 2 percent of population work as Farmers and Ranchers.
Agriculture Fact 6. on recent survey, which conducted on America's young farmers shows that young American farmers and ranchers are highly satisfied with their jobs. That research shows that, 97.2 percent planned to farm and ranch for life. And 90% said they would like their children to work as farmers and ranchers.
Agriculture Fact 7. Nearly 30% of today's farmers and ranchers have attended colleges and over half of them have degree.
Agriculture Fact 8. American young farmers and ranchers are using new agricultural technology, which help them to reduces waste and boost crop yields. New Agricultural technologies like, using satellite maps, using computers, using fertilizer and crop protections applications, using Internet, Using cellular telephone.
Agriculture Fact 9. Nearly 83 percents of young farmers and ranchers using computers these days.
Agriculture Fact 10. In US biotechnology research is conducted by federal and state agencies, including EPA, USDA, and the FDA.
Agriculture Fact 11. one in three US farm acres making export to foreign markets.
Agriculture Fact 12. US agriculture business exporting about 23 percent of raw farm products.
Agriculture Fact 13. US Agriculture land is providing habitats for 75 percent of the nation's wild life. So numbers of nation's wild population are in increasing trend.
Agriculture Fact 14. California is the top spinach producing state in US.
Agriculture Fact 15. Environmental friendly New bio-diesel fuels like Ethanol made from corns and other grains.
Agriculture Fact 16. Organics farming needs 2.5 times more labor than regular farming, but it gives 10 times more profit than general farming.

Fact About Agriculture: United Nations Agricultural Facts:

Agriculture Fact 17. Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world.
Agriculture Fact 18. 40 percent of today's global population depends on Agriculture.
Agriculture Fact 19. 500 million small farms worldwide is the source of food of the 80 percent population of the developing world.
Agriculture Fact 20. Most of the developing farms are rainfed.
Agriculture Fact 21. Since the 1900s, some 75 percent of crop diversity has been lost.
Agriculture Fact 22. About 1.3 Billion people have no access to electricity world wide- main reasons behind under productivity in human capital and natural resources.

Facts About Agriculture (Business Facts About Agriculture)

Agriculture Fact 23. Agriculture company Cargill is the largest private company in the America.
Agriculture Fact 24. Most of Countries have Agriculture Development Bank or Agriculture Financial Development Programs, Agriculture supportive program under different names.
Agriculture Facts 25. Andrey Verevskiy is the World's Youngest Self Made Agriculture Billionaire. (Read Inspirational story of Andrey Vereskiy).
Agriculture Fact 26. Base business of Thailand's richest man Billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont is Agriculture. Charoen Pokphand Foods is one of the world's largest agriculture company. (Read More).

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