Can Agriculture Sector Make Rich (Billionaire) ? (Agriculture Articles)

Agriculture Articles: Can Agriculture Sectors Produce Next Billionaires?

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YES, Yes you can be extremely rich standing on agriculture sector. I have tried to write on this topic, because many of us definitely have curiosity can agriculture sector make us rich or not? Because most of developing countries' major source of GDP is from agriculture. I suggest you to read following three post from Forbes, Bloomberg, and Southwestfarm press. 
Forbes article : From What Sector Will The Next Billionaire Come : quotes the importance of agriculture business from the view point of   billionaire Jim Rogers . He says next billionaire will come from laborious guys working on farm not from smart guys working on finance.  I can say if billionaire say that may be right. And priority sectors of billionaire can be Agriculture Sectors. They I found this article, on Bloomberg, Says, Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed al- Amoudi, is going to invest $2.5 billion by 2020 developing  a rice farming project in Ethiopia. 
And again another example is Thailand's Richest man Dhanin Chearavanont, whose net worth is $14.4 billion has main background in farming, agro-product. So when an entrepreneur focus on agriculture sector for long term he is going to be rich like them. We all know importance of agriculture. And in coming future like Rogers said, good land with good weather can be Gold mine. And yes, it takes more time to reach your goal   (billionaire) but, this path surely leads you on your dream.
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Southwest Farm Press link : A billionaire advice invest in agriculture