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Study Skill Enhancing Methods for Students:

For a student, scoring good marks, clear the entrance, pass exam with good grade are very important. In this article, I have decided to share proven study skill enhancing methods. Some are very simple, but usually we neglect it, and some are moderately difficult.
Concentration: Concentration are very important for all works and when it comes to study, it becomes more important. You have to choose student friendly room for your study, In other words make your own room student friendly. Color of walls, Book management style, room lighting, ventilation are all concerned things.  Don’t use your Cell phone while study and also use your computer or internet  for searching as much as low you can. Focus, in your book, try to learn and understand from your book. This is ok sometimes you don’t find information, rather searching on internet, ask with your friends, discuss with them, and again ask with your teacher. This is good habit for every student. (Note: for scoring highest marks, students have to concentrate fully on curriculum, And when your study becomes internet-based you may get more information but not right information for your course of study, so skip internet read books).
And another important thing, you must stop day dreaming, you know day dreaming means like dreaming you get high score, do well in exam etc etc. Though it motivates you, but it can kill your time too. Better you visualize it before reading for 5-15 minutes and sit study and just study.
Set your goals, always set your goal for one sitting study. Make your study in learning base. Don’t say I am going to read whole day in Saturday or Sunday. Keep your curriculum in front of you, first your priority is to fully understand subject area inside the curriculum, because the curriculum you are reading is made from expert. Once you understand your course of study automatically you can explore more area of understanding from out of curriculum.
When you finish your set-goal for that day, you can play your favorite game or go with friends, but most finish your target. Every day make your target at high level than previous day. That means keep learning more than yesterday. When you do this, by 3 weeks results can be felt by yourself. This makes your parents, teachers and your friends happy too.
Others things are secondary, primary things is just follow this rule. Set your target and make them harder than yesterday, follow this rule strictly, skip internet searching as much as you can, discuss with your friends ( let them searched for you), consult with teacher, with your parents. Read actively, because as a student your duty is to read. Make your study based on your course of study.
Enjoy your study.
Suggested site for student:
Your own bookshelves
Your School library
Your Teachers and Friends
(once again great source of study are your own bookshelves and your school-library and your Teachers) 

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