Home Based Jobs For Teenagers Students(Most Read Before Applying)

Home Based Jobs Suitable For Teenagers- Students Practical

Social Network marketer

Where you need to work on some company's social Networks platform like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and their blogs.

You will get paid, for per posts, or per update.
Especially big company or brand does not open these types of jobs. Practically, small firms based on marketing or even independent persons open this type of job.

l Caution: Do not depend on this. You are not going to make your career in this kind of homemade job and You are doing this just for supplementary money system. So Ask your payment on daily basis. Never go more than one week. Because there is no guarantee they will pay you later.

Find Your High School Internship Program.

If you are attending this kind of school, where paid basis internship available, then apply. This types of internship is made between your school and company. And school sends you as intern. This is great step toward your job career. But very few get this opportunity. If you had, you wouldn’t come here right? Do not worry, Further I write more and more to solve your queries.

Home Based Typing Job or Home Based Data Entry Job

Nature of this job: Job provider gives you an assignment of some pages say 100-150 or more in picture format (JPEG, TIF, GIF Format). Then you have to type in MS Word as per given instructions and finish and send back within time frame.
All you require are, Computer, Typing skills, if online then internet connection too.
Why this type of job popular
Because, big companies or any company, do not like to spend more money for hiring people on thier office just for typing. And specially,still many of companies deal with paper documents and paper documents work will happen for coming more decades too.

Sometimes, companies need to type in different fonts rather than English so they are outsourcing it because it saves their huge time and salary.

But, you do not have direct access to get this offer from those companies or service providers. So you need to go for mediator  or third party firms.

Pay Scale: $0.10 to $.50 per post
Time required: Depends on time available for you, and 100% flexible
Caution Applicable for all online jobs:

  • Do not pay any charge, even for registration.
  • Take your pay cheque on daily basis if not do not go exceed than one week.
  • If condition is after completing the project, choose very small project, which can be complete with in 1-3 days. And ask for money.
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