Best Tips and Tricks To Save Mobile Phone Battery Life

How To Save Life Of Mobile Phone Battery

Battery life of mobile phone devices is always a big concern. Follow these tips to increase your battery life:

1. Simple rule: Clean your battery every time, check whether there is any accumulated dirt or not because it reduces the efficiency of energy transfer, then it requires more time to get charged.

2. Always keep your battery cool: Avoid your battery from any source of heat. For example do not keep your battery in the dashboard of car, do not keep your phone near computer, laptop, if possible do not carry phone in pocket, because your body heat also affect the battery.

3. Always use a same manufacturer battery charger, charging with same manufacturer gives battery life and also helps in case of overcharge. And it also for your safety concern

4. Do not short-circuit, because it may cause severe damage and also not recommended for safety issue.

5.If you are using new battery then let it be fully charged before using, read manual and give full time to charge it, it may be take several hours, but let it.

6. Some cases, it is recommended to fully charge and fully discharge of mobile battery.
But: Do not completely discharge lithium-ion battery, which means if your device has indicator sign and it shows your battery is getting low, then charge after that sign.

Important, read Phone and Battery manual thoroughly and follow the instructions.

Keep your phone battery's life longer (Behavioral tips)

How you run your devices also count a lots. Follow following advices to keep it last longer.
rDon’t use 'Vibrator mode' instead use 'silent or just sound mode'. Because vibrator causes more power consumption.
rTurn off your phone in the time like, sleeping, meeting, or any other cases where you do not require phone call.
rDo not use more applications at once and check if they any application running or not.
rDo not browse from mobile for longer time. Because more power is consumed, while running browsing application, rather than playing music.
rMake calls only if your phone signal is full.
rturn off Bluetooth or any network signal like wifi.
rset device display to the lowest brightness setting as possible, light consumes more power than sound in devices.
rDo not use animated wall-paper or more extra.

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