How To Finance New Small Business 2013 (Practically)

How To Finance a New Small business in 2013:

There are many sources available, but which one is best for you and easily available for you, will depend on  many factors. The main factors are Your Business Plan or Idea.

Consider: if your business venture is based on technology like this 17 years old teen, you need different types of source that means it would be easy to get investment from Personal investors rather than bank or any organization.
So it heavily depends on nature of your business.
Basically there are two types of business:
One: Completely new, solely based on your creative ideas.
Two: Existing business, but you are going to improve it

lets check now from where you can get finance support one by one

Financial Support For Completely New Idea:

Nature of this type of business, Banks or other any organized financial institutions do not lend you fully based on this business. So, you need to seek alternative ways. They are:

1. Investment Funds of reputed business house or business person:
for example Asia's richest man Li Ka-Shing has his own investment funds, which invest new startup, sometime like for teen startup too. You can also put your approach or idea with your community business man who has previous history of investing new startup.

2. Friends
This is very practical way of  financing  your business. World richest man like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, initially got support from their friends. You can also get support from your friends. The practical trend is, making them your business partner.
xCautions: Do not let them over power you. Hold your strong position in management and also hold large percentage of share, and keep your position as largest share holder.
3. Family:
Now this is your best alternative. You can ask financial support from your family and relatives, by making them as business partner or not. They usually do not interfere in your business.

4. Entrepreneur support Group:
Now there are many organized group which lend you, with some conditions, you can get support from them too.
xCautions: Again do not let them capture your business Idea. Be Strong and Say "No" if required.

Now let’s Go For Second Type Business and how you can get finance from this:
Second Part (Financial Support For Existing Business)

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