Sean Parker: A Good Book For Entrepreneur

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Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook, always teach you something very important through his own life. Now he is 34 year old but claim $2 billion, it is very important for anyone to choose right role model and follow him depending and adopting in your own environment. Yes, choosing right model and follow as much as possible you can is always suggested.
Sean Parker, born in 1970 is an American Entrepreneur, known as one of the youngest hacker, who hacked a Fortune 500 Company at the age of 16 year old.
He started his entrepreneurial journey just at age of 15 year old, he cofounded Napster a music sharing website in 1999, Napster is known as the fastest growing business of all time. But due to lawsuits service of Napster was shut down.
Then he again started, next venture, Plaxo in 2002, In 2004 parker met Mark Zukerberg and promoted him to make his facebook from one-room hobby to multi-billion company.
Actually he is serial entrepreneur who always seek an opportunity and tries to help anyone who has good potential to grow but stay hold because of lack of fund. The proof is Parker hosts the TechFellow Awards that annually gives 20 entrepreneurs $100,000 each to invest in startups.
He lives his personal life on his own style, once while he was serving as facebook chairman he was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine too. He also supports marijuana  legalization.  That is his personal life. However, very important thing is he never quit his entrepreneurial  dream. And he keeps maintain his unique entrepreneurial skill, that is his own style of funding start up business.
Rights now he serves and funds many start up business from different countries. He always encourage other to pursue their dreams and rise.
Funding new startup has many benefits, like you can always involve in the business you like. Unlike other investor who invest their money to buy stock from stock market, Parker search new potential small business and promote them, and you should know growth rate of small business is much more higher than stock growth rate.
It seems like parker has an IT skills but he also has possess investment skills like Warrant Buffet (See: Invest like Warren Buffett Follow Two Rules )
So it benefits others to use some of their money to promote new business, specially who is run by one or two person.

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