Top 12 List of Best Online Business Ideas 2014 (Most Read)

Online business ideas

When I say online business I truly mean online business. Please note there are clear differences among internet jobs, internet hobbies and internet business.For example: personal blogging can be your internet hobbies, you can not tag it as an internet business (at least at initial phase). Similarly: tax preparers, medical transcriptionists can be internet jobs. (More about online jobs)  And then like any businesses, internet business requires same level of structure and system.
You can start internet business with low investment, your own technical expertise and from anywhere. But saying this you can not ignore fundamental points of business like plan, strategies, customer, marketing, profit and loss.

This list gives you ideas bout internet business you can start like business. Enjoy.

Internet Business Ideas 2014

Internet Business Ideas 2014

1. Online buying and selling (only specific products)

Research your local market, know customer demand and make website which only sells specialized items. For example: auto-parts, mobile phone-case, computer part and accessories, headphone or bags or  shoes, if you do well, you can make your website as branded platform for that specific products.

2. Sell your expertise

If you re professional on any subject then Open website and sell your expertise through it.  In initial phase sell your time, suggestions, helpful information for those whom you meet at your daily working hours (offline) or your real job clients or customer and then you can go for search engine’s customer or clients.

3. Online event package organizer

You can create website which expertly sells tickets or package. Like Business Gaining Popularity Think About It (Main).

4. Run your own YouTube channel

Now using YouTube you can make your own channel, build team and run famous program on YouTube. There are different ways you can easily monetize your channel through both online and offline ads programs.

5. Run internet radio

With little expertise and investment you can run worldwide radio.  To become brand you internet radio should be based on special theme. Like only sports, or only beauty -care, baby care. Like this.

6. Deal providing sites

Research online and collect different deal from different sites and compile them in one site. Simply work as deal compiler. I like this idea (from:

7. Run online service-providing site (all in one)

These ideas are suitable to work as online business. For example: shopping for paid members, home delivery service or courier service for paid members.

8. Online business Investment ideas

There re two ways to involve in online business. One way to create yourself and second way to invest on it. So if you have investment then you can invest on emerging new online startups.

Other online business ideas

9.  Software and apps development business: for computer programmer or expert.
10. Domain broker.
11.  Affiliate marketing.
12. Sell on eBay.and list goes on.

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Disclaimer: use this information only as your reference. To start any business, you have to do your own research and more plan. There re more chances to become successful (faster) if your hobbies, passion and idea-work plan get merged to create new business fusion. So find out those field where you can give your own personal business fusion.