Top Benefits of Work Probation Period (Human Resource Management)

Work Probation Period

It is very beneficial to set right probation period before giving the permanent status or the longer term employment to newly recruited employee. Probation period could range from some weeks to several months or years. This period depends on nature of works and organization chart and  organization structure.

Importance of work probation period

Probation period is equally important for an employer and for an employee.

Importance of probation period for employer.

1. To understand actual ability of probation employee

Probation period provides enough time to understand and check actual work ability of your new recruitment.

2. To test work discipline of new probation employee

Work discipline is important quality of the right employee. By setting right probation period you can check your probation employee's work discipline.

3. To find out strengths and weakness

A probation period helps to note strengths and weaknesses of potential long term employee of your organization.

4. Helps to overall human resource management

Probation period can be helpful to overall aspects of human resource management. It can reduces some cost, allows recruiting right human resource.

Importance of probation period for employee.
Importance of probation period from the employee's point of view.

5. Probation period helps to develop work skill

Probation period actually gives enough time to develop required work skills. While on probation period employee can learn and develop right skills for that jobs or for that organization.

6. Probation period helps to socialize

Employee can learn work adjustment and become familiar with organization social culture and working environment.

7. Probation period provides motivation

In some contest, probation employee gets more freedom to make some mistake or more flexible to choose personal decision, that motivates employee.

8. Employee gets special care and support

Employee who is in probation period gets special treatment and support from supervisor and colleagues.

So now we can reach on conclusion, right probation period is important for any organization from the both point of views (from employer and employee).