List of The Top Best Search Engines 2014

In General, shares 76.6% market share of overall searches (Globally). So no doubt is in number one position without nearer competitors. After that with 19.2% market shares Baidu the Chinese search engine stays at next rank.

Here is the list of top search engines 2014

please note this ranking is based on figure published by More reading  Here is  new top 20 search engines list based on Alexa rank.
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Google takes 1.17 billion unique searchers or 76.6% market shares.
Search Engine Rank: 1 | Alexa Global Rank : 2 |Traffic rank in US: 1|US  Unique Monthly visitors: 184200000 |Top Traffic source: United States 31.0%, India 9.6%, Russia 3.3% |.


Baidu takes 293 million unique searches or 19.2% market shares
Search Engine Rank: 2 | Alexa Global Rank: 5 | Traffic rank in China: 1| Unique monthly visitors: not disclosed| Top traffic source: China 89.0%, South Korea 5.0%, Japan 1.8% |.


Yahoo takes 292 million unique searchers or 19.2% market shares
Yahoo search is one of the popular search engines in the world. It covers 8.4 percent of market share. This is great product of (Alexa Global rank of is 4).
Search Engine Rank: 3 Alexa Global Rank: 4*|Traffic rank in US: 4|US unique monthly hits for 28.1M|Top Traffic Source: US 33.7%, India 9.3%, Taiwan 4.0%| (*Global rank 4 is for

4. takes 269 million unique searchers or 17.6% market shares
Bing is the product of Microsoft and very popular search engine in the world.
Search Engine Rank: 4 | Alexa Global Rank: 16 | Traffic rank  in US: 8| US Monthly Unique visitors: 68.5M| Top Traffic source: US 49.8%, China 6.6%, India 5.2% | Note: has left behind Yahoo search in US according to monthly unique visitors.

5. takes 74 million unique searchers or 4.9% market shares. is popular search engine among Russia, India and Pakistan's users.
Search engine rank: 5| Alexa Global rank 2,959| Traffic rank in Russia: 1,028| Top traffic source:  Russia 12.4%, India 10.5%, Pakistan 8.7%.

In above list we saw, the major search engines according to numbers of search volume.
now in this list we will see the top search engines for new bloggers.


Once again is useful search engines for blogger because according to it's market shares every blogger wants to show his/her blog post in Google first page. And also it gives lot of ideas about keywords and related.


This is one of the favorite search engines for blogger because it shows search result from Google and Yahoo at the same time. This useful because 70%  of the first 100 results are different, on average.

3. Yahoo Search !

Blogger can get lots of keywords ideas from Yahoo search also.

4. DuckduckGo

According to an article by ADAM CLARK ESTES  on GIZMODO DuckDuckGo is the best choice of users who like privacy and simplicity. On DuckDuckGo user can search anonymously.


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