Top List of 25 great business ideas for 2014 (most read)

Business in 2014

After writing on new online business for 2014 now I am going to provide you great business ideas for 2014. Which requires small to large scale investment. You can choose any startup according to your preferences and budgets and business plan.

Great business ideas 2014

Great business ideas 2014

1. Invest on startup businesses

This is suitable for venture capitalist. Provide fund to new and potential good business.

2. Invest in bullion and or stock

If you have already a business and have reasonable fund then, they say it is right time to invest on bullion or some stock. think about it.

3. Invest on health business

You already know about business potential of health sector. Think about it.

4. Invest on entertainment business

You can start event organizing company.  New Tech Theater.  Or any entertainment business.

5. Open special theme restaurant

Like in 2013, there is still new scope of special theme based-restaurants. find nice location and give one or two special features.

6. Open supermarket

Establishing new supermarket which has reasonable price or convenient store is still good concept of new business for 2014.

7. Retail and whole selling

This is ever green business and always has potential to go further.

8. Open second hand marketplace

You can provide opportunities to sellers and buyers for second hand goods and take certain commission or you can apply your own method of revenue generation.

9. Technology business

Develop new technologies or distribute existing technologies in your local market or industries.

10. Computer accessories supplier or seller

People like to buy accessories to become different. They decorate their gadgets to give new look and/or for convenience reasons. Choose right accessories and market it. Buy from wholesaler or manufactures and sell retail.

11. Start research firm

This type of business is suitable for those, who love to work academic work. You can start research firm and do survey, show data and predict some way and sell the conclusion or just data.

12. Cosmetics business

Cosmetic shop attracts crowd easily so think about it.

Online business ideas for 2014

Here are some excellent online business ideas for 2014. More details available on the topic of top online business ideas for 2014.

13. Open your web solution company

Provide web solution to your clients. Web solution includes: email marketing, social media marketing, SEO search engine optimization, mobile marketing, etc. Details: Top 10 social media marketing tips.

14. Make your own YouTube channel

Now on YouTube platform you can easily make your own channel. if you can create popular channel then you can have multiple methods of monetize it.

15. Start out sourcing work

get contract from companies for particular job which can be done through out-sourcing . If you are already on online business then you can figure out that particular work.

16. Software and app development

There is always a gap between existing software functionality and desire. Find out new way to full fill that gap. Create new software or application. There are lots of software development companies small and big. If you have technical knowledge then you can try to create new software to solve existing problem or to help people or work. your one software can make you millionaire easily (even billionaire)

17. Sell you expertise

You can sell your expertise or knowledge or skill both online and offline. That could be:

  • Financial service.
  • Language translation.
  • Instructing.
  • Counseling.
  • Teaching.
  • Blogging.

Business ideas for developing countries 2014

Here are some great business ideas and opportunities for developing countries.
18. Open educational consultancy.
19. Open job portal company.
20. Become educational material supplier.
21. Open private sports hall include health and fitness club.
22. Agriculture farming.
23. IT Company.
24. Open travel and tour company.
25. Invest on renewable energy.

Disclaimer: before starting a new business or startup or make investment on particular subject, you need to prepare fully, you have to be careful about your budget, you have to study market, your industry's trend, customer changing behavior and other related terms.