Top List of Best Email Marketing Tips For Businesses (Best Practices) 2014

Email marketing tips

Email marketing: One of the oldest online marketing techniques but very effective. Number of  statistics  and data also prove it's popularity among online (internet) marketers. If done wisely, business owner (small or large both scale) can achieve their marketing result at lowest cost as much possible. Here is the most effective email marketing tips 2014.

Best Email Marketing Tips 2014

Email Marketing Tips 2014

1. Know phases of email marketing

Email marketing has three major phases.
First phase: you should have meaningful email addresses.  Know how to build potential customers email list. Make strategies how you can attract subscribers.
Second phase: In this phase you start delivering message.
Third phase: you analyze return from your email campaign. Get feedback.

2. Make easy to subscribe and flexible to manage

Place your email subscribe form where user can reach easily. Give some effect to draw users attentions. Do not take more time of users to become your subscriber. Flexible to manage means, tell your potential subscribers, you can unsubscribe at any time. Because if you allow this function, people generally subscribe from their personal email address.

3. Make list

You have to categorize your subscribers. For example regular buyers, potential buyers, affiliate networkers like this.

4. Choose different language for different purpose

For example if your purpose is to sell your product then you should be more cautious than who send email to drive traffic.

5. Know your clients platform

For example if your clients are using Gmail, then know features of Gmail, if hot mail then know feature of Hotmail, if yahoo know features of yahoo. That means you should be aware of how email appears in different platform. Artistically choose email subject, delivery message but give your own identity. (More: Build your own brand point).

6. Always give priority to text

Text works better than Image in email.

7. Be word economic marketer

Deliver your main message within one or two paragraph. Nobody wants to read more paged business email. But it is also not recommended to just write introduction and provide link to get them back to your website. Readers will not come if they do not see any purposeful meaning. So learn how to deliver effective message spending few words.

8. Give personal touch

Know about email reading tendency. People write word by word if it is from their personal contact or family or friends, so more you become familiar more you get read.

9. Build your own brand

Note: if you and your competitors are using same kind of software or email marketing tools then there are chances to your users receive similar types of message. So learn how to brand your email.
Whether your are e-mailing or campaign any advertisement make your own brand. Choose your own brand-flavor templates, words, color, use your own digital signature.

10. Wisely use your auto-responding function

Send your auto responding message in that way which look like actually persons are sending message and responding user queries manually.

11. Time is king.

In email marketing time is king. Delivery timing, reading timing, are important things.

12. Track and analyze

By using email-software you can track your email performances.

13. Give Something

In every email give something: for example offers especial discount-deal, provide link of quality content or information, downloadable materials etc.

14. Integrate with social sharing buttons

Integrate your email campaign with social sharing buttons, that allows subscribers or your clients to get touch with you on your social networks and also allow them to share your campaign.

Before starting a real time campaign launch a test to see its effectiveness. You can do test inside your company.

Before introducing your email-campaign.
you should research on:
1. Your firm's industry's email marketing style and methods
3. Current email marketing trends.
2. Your targeted clients and their emailing habits and platform.
3. Your clients reading devices.
4. Your email-software’s features.
5. Your campaign's purpose.
6. Your firm's budget.
7. Launch a test.
8. This is  recommend you to follow CAN-SPAM ACT before launching any email marketing campaign.

Exclusive Tips:
Email marketing is different than other social media marketing in term of communication. In other social media you deliver your masses in mass. (e.g. Facebook status, Google+ Status, Twitter and so on). But in email marketing even you send bulk message but you deliver your message personally or privately with your every recipient. So think how can you convey better message and gain  your recipient positive response.

Disclaimer: No any tip make you perfect email marketer. Because email marketing is more technical than subjective. You will learn better by doing yourself and know better technical aspects of email marketing. However these points give you some clue about what are the best email marketing practices.