Best Home Based Jobs (Research Based)

Now larger source of home based jobs available for everyone. Home based jobs have become necessary to support yourself and earn extra money using your spare time.
If you have some desire to do different, some level of creativity and some passion there are lot of option available as home based jobs. Here is the list of best home based jobs. Remember this post is for you if you are searching scam free home based jobs or legitimate home based jobs which require no extra investment.

Best Home Based Jobs Scam Free

Home Based Tutor:

If you have college degree and want to become a tutor, Then this job is very suitable for you. Tutor as home based job you have two options: one become an offline tutor means you can teach neighbor kids. And online tutor, where you play a role as online instructor: 
Best site for tutor who wants to work from home.
Pay scale: $10 to $15 per hour

Home Based Proofreader Plus Translator

If you want to use your college degree certificate as source of extra income addition to your regular job then proofreading work can be another options.
Job Descriptions: proofreader need to check various document like academic papers and medical documents written by non native speakers:
 Pay scale: $10 to $20 per hour
One of the examples of service provider, who gives opportunity to work from home

Online Concierge:

Now concierge (similar to butler), work their work from home too. Internet transferred concierge from office jobs to home based jobs.
Job Descriptions: making hotel reservation, arranging for spa services, booking transportation, travel arrangements and similar type of jobs. You can do it, using calls, internet.
Pay scale:$15-$20 or it depends on client base
One of the examples of employer:

Home Based Translator:

If you know different language, this is very beneficial for you. You can work as translator from your home. This can be great home based jobs for who knows more than one international language.
Job Descriptions:Translator need to translate, web contents, documents, software and like this.
Pay scale : $ 1500 to $2500 per month (depends on employer rule)
Some employer


Now anyone can become blogger and share with readers. There are numbers of serious blogger who live decent life from blogging. (Success Story of Pete Cashmore) This is one of the pure home based jobs.
Job Descriptions: Need to write content which are loved by reader.
Pay scale: depends on time you give (serious blogger can earn thousands per month)
Where to start: or similar websites.

Home Based Jobs as Social Media Marketer

This is another home based jobs, which makes your social media addiction to money making tools. If you use your time as social media marketer you can earn decent money. According to a social media marketer can earn an average of $84000 per year. 
Job Descriptions: Social media marketer need to track internet's directions, users’ interest, and promote brands and products and services.
Pay Scale: as per $84000 per year
Where to start: and similar websites.

Home Based Content writer:

Blogging can become your income source but it requires some time to generate income. If you can not wait then you need to write for others as content writer. Many people are using content writing as home based jobs.
Job Descriptions: require an article write to add content to website.
Pay scale: $8 to $ 12 per post or negotiable
Example of employer:  and similar type of website.

This list will be updated, when more information are available.

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