Top List of Best Home Based Jobs 2013 (Legitimate)

Now it has become necessary to work from jobs, because of its easily availability, if we have some spare times and internet connection then we can work from anywhere, and good thing is, anytime this is the nature of home based jobs. But all home based jobs are not scam free at least 90 percent advertisement on home based jobs are scam. This means we have to find out 10 percent legitimate home based jobs. After providing some of the best home based jobs:
Here we are going to find out most legitimate home based jobs some need special academic and subject knowledge and some need your creativity and willingness to give time.
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Highest Paying Home Based Jobs, which need special qualifications they are

List of Best Home Based Jobs 2013 Highest Paying

1. Computer Software Engineers

Pay scale: $85,000 per year average
example of employer

2. Home Based Tax Preparers

Pay scale: $1,061 each week
example of employer

3. Medical Transcriptionists:

Pay scale: $2,500 to $4,000 per months
Example of employer

(Source: of highest paying home based jobs section is )

Most Common home based jobs
Highest paying home based jobs need special qualifications. And Home based jobs or online jobs are not for those only who have special qualification. We can earn from home using internet, computer and our spare time.

List of Top Home Based Jobs For Everyone


Job role: need to become teacher for any subject with in your qualification.
Best site for tutor.
Pay Scale: $10 to $15 per hour.


Job role : proofreader need to check various document like academic papers and medical documents written by non native speakers:
Example of employer


Job role: making hotel reservation, arranging for spa services, booking transportation, travel arrangements and similar type of jobs. You can do it, using calls, internet.
Example of employer


Job role: proofreader need to check various document like academic papers and medical documents written by non native speakers
Example of employer

5. Blogger

Self employed
Job role: Need to write content which are loved by reader.
where to start
pay scale: $1000 to $2000 for good blogger.

6. Social Media Marketer

Job role: Social media marketer need to track internet's directions, users interest, and promote brands and products and services.
where to start
Pay scale: $84,000 per year according to for successful social media marketer

7. Content Writer

Job role: require an article write to add content to website.
example of employer
pay scale: $8 to $12 per post or negotiable

8. Home Based Web Developer/Designer

Job role: need to make, maintain websites of clients
based on home
pay scale: several hundred depends on project

Most Common Home Based Jobs

Home based Data entry

Data entry jobs are really getting popular especially in developing countries. Recent trends most of them are scam type home based jobs. They charge additional investment asking for registration or software charges and they do not provide jobs. But not all case are same, you can earn as home based data entry. How to find legitimate data entry jobs are really depends on your skill to find out its legitimacy. If you do some research and ask them to provide an opportunity to talk with their employee you can find out some facts.

Real Data Entry jobs look like
Jobs Description: need to enter or provide information into online forms.
Where to find
You can find this jobs, from your nations jobs portal sites and classified sections of newspaper. But most of jobs portals have free option to post for employer so scammers also use this. So it depends on your own research.

one example:
and search data entry jobs.

Now from above point, you got some information about home based jobs, you can pick one or some of them which is/are suitable for you.

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(Disclaimer: Rank are randomly given and beware of home based jobs scams.)  

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