Invest Like Warren Buffet : Follow Two Rules Businessinsider says

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffett, the king of the Investment. It is said that, no one investment like Warren Buffett now. Because, many individual investor do not hold patience like Buffett. Many of us know, he is value investor, that means he does analysis  fundamentally. But the interesting facts is everyone wants to invest like Buffett, almost all of them don't act like Buffet. If you want to be like Buffett, you have to act lik Buffet.
Buffet Suggest for small investors basically two things:

One is,  invest in small companies, that major companies can not think  about to invest in because they are two small to invest and Second is, in Emerging market, where you can buy great businesses for next to nothing.

Again in latest article on says samething. You can read it here. Warren Buffett has two basic rules, must of individual investors dont follow them. In very simple version: They are:
First is:
Don't Listen to Forecast: Buffett suggests you dont listen to stockforecasters. Most investors would do better by ignoring suggestion from those forecasters because, they tell nothing about where the market is headed or simply they can not say. Buffett Suggests you, just stick to what you think best and not worrying about rest.
Second is:
Don't Try To Time The Market: Further Buffett suggests you, don't try to time the market. That means hold your position for longer. Buffetts says "Our favorite holding period is forever"and "inactivity strikes us as intelligent behavior". But most of investors predicts time of market and act disorderly, doing them this and make them too actively trade, the main hand is behind, those forecasters.

So if you are young investor and your role model is Warren Buffet, Just follow his advice. I wish you can be next Warren Buffet.
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-B. Young

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