Facebook offers you something if you see that


You may or may not create next facebook but  now facebook is already there and you can still earn handsome money if you just watch facebook and its effect on people, as an entrepreneurial way.
First of all lets see what are the recent trends on facebook:

  • facebook application
  • facebook account
  • facebook best status
  • facebook cover photos
  • facebook chat
  • facebook developer
  • facebook emoticon code for chat
  • facebook new emoticon
  • facebook tricks
  • facebook most liked status
  • facebook most like cover photo
  • facebook graph searched
  • facebook game
  • facebook group
  • facebook hacker
  • facebook hacking software free download
  • facebook password hacker
  • facebook job
  • facebook logo
  • facebook love stutus
  • facebook most liked page
  • facebook red
  • facebook smileys
  • facebook symbol
  • facebook theme
  • facebook video downloader
  • facebook video chat    and so on
Those above keywords indicates that people want to gain more attention on facebook. Some entrepreneurial minds already understand this and create secondary website, which serves the people’s interest on above keywords. For example, might be you have put , your facebook cover with picture from website who offer cover page. If you are skilled person, you might have already started your own business and building facebook application or many things. But if you just know little about internet and only know how to run facebook you still can do many things. For example, you can build facebook page and promote your own business or promote others business on pay basis. Or if you are creative in words and arts just start building blog or website and offer catchy cover photo, status and like this.
Weird idea:
if you observe, you can notice that most of teens are using facebook, if you starts any selling products with somehow related to facebook, there are huge chance you can do better. For example make T-shirt or caps with unique and  cool facebook status and cover photo, open cafĂ©. I mean just don’t sit and spend your most of time on facebook be just creative and earn with fun. Because, creativeness is main assets of entrepreneur and ya don’t forget to value of time. Sooner is better. So start right now.

Did you like this. Come again and read next post.
-B. Young

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