Zyanga Lay Off Eighteen Percent Jobs, Learn From It

Zynga lay off Eighteen percent jobs, Learn From It

Zynga a social gaming company announced heavy job cuts and additionally, closing three offices to save approximately $80 million.

In zynga's official blog, CEO Marks Pincus wrote.
"....we are saying painful goodbyes to about 18% of our Zynga brothers and sisters. The impact of these layoffs will be felt across every group in the company"

This decision of Zyanda affected more than 500 employees who were working Zyanga platform. Whatever the reasons, when this kind of decisions is made, employees' moral goes down, they become sad. At least for few days, they suffer from sadness. Might be some of them become unite and start new company, and later make this into big company. And some of them can start working to another company with the help of friends. But no one like to happen this kind of layoff, when they are working

So better we from the start think about entrepreneurship and start our own company.

There are lot of benefits to have own company. And even we are going to take job offer,  we should think twice, the long term vision of company, its cultural value, possible growth and risk factors. And while working it is better to think some idea to run own company.

Eve this is not always the same case, we need to be careful and make plan for our future career. We can get some idea if we closely read company and its industry.