Business Idea For 2013 - First Do Market Research

Are you going to start new Business in 2013 then what you need to do in initial phase, read this: here is collection of list you can read later.

Business Idea For 2013 Aricle

First you need to do market research

You should do honest market research. After completing this phase, many people are saying they would be wrong, if they were just jump this business without doing this much research. Yes sometimes people start business just considering their own interest and later than become an empire of business, but these are rare case. So do your research.

rConsider following point while researching:
t What are you going to provide, service or products, new service and new products or do you see, and there are gap between current business scenario and your planned business.

tCollect information, data like spending habits of customer, numbers of existing competitors, running average cost, you can have these information from, trade journals, marketing magazines, government reports, chamber of commerce.

t Do your own survey, visit being customer, ask questionnaire to customer, what they need additionally, whether they are satisfied or not with current service or products.

After collecting data, then study carefully, see if customers will appreciate your new idea, and if somebody is providing service or business with same your concept, then what you are going to provide extra or better.

xCaution: Do not hold yourself back, if you are unsatisfied from your research result, there are no 100 percent guarantees with result, if you have really deep passion then start, but don't do it for just money or earning profit only.

Further Reading
rBusiness Doing Ideas for new comer-2013
Are  you going to start new business, then start building a good reputation in your local community
Why ?
Because, by developing good relations with people of local community, you are likely to be seen as their social part. And this rule is applicable for all who are running their business within their own locality or running business in new locality.
There are some tendencies, new business persons who start their business within their locality, think they do not require building new relationship with in their local community, but this is not right thinking, think freshly and involve you to make honest relationship with in local community.

Here are some tips you can follow:
1. Never lie, because lying hurts, better do not comment instead.
2. Be responsive to local media
3. Make ally relationship with your competitors.
4. Sponsored local programs, local sport team.
5. Participate in almost all local programs.
6. Always respect local customs and cultures