Bill Gates And Facebook Became No.1 Again

Two World's Most Popular Position Now Captured By Previously Second Ranked

This week, in news, interesting things happened, world two important second ranked, enter into first position. What are they about?

One : Bill Gates claims world’s richest person

According to forbes.com and many other financial website, which are constantly tracking wealth of richest men in the planet, revealed data about Microsoft Founder Bill Gates overtook Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu and become world richest man.

In last week, market closing session, Bill Gates’ net worth reached to $70 billion, while  Slim’s net declined to $68 billion. This happened because of Microsoft share ended five-year-high, this year alone Microsoft share gained 27 percent. But value of Slim’s share declined, because of Mexican congress designed to break down the new-monopoly held by his company, America Movil SAB-huffingtonpost says.

Interesting Facts Between Bill Gates And Carlos Slim
Gates lost his first position in 2007
In philanthropy purpose, Bill Gates had given away $28 billion and more, while Carlos slim gave $4 billion for philanthropy.

Two: Facebook.com became No. Most Visited website, leaving Google.com in No. 2 Position:

Another big story, Facebook became no. 1 most visited website, and Google stayed in no. 2 position. Megan Rose Dickey and Nicholas Carlson writes, Google (No. 1 search engine, has now 782.8 Million Unique visitors, where Facebook.com (No. 1 social networking site)has 836.7 Million Unique Visitors.

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