Time Management: Time Management Tips For New Job Holder

Time Management Tools For New Job Holder

Are you new in you job and want to know how to manage your time?
Then this article might help you.

Points to be considered

Time Management Tip 1.
Prepare to do list. If you are new in jobs, act like you are a robot. Sound weird but if you are in trial phase, this act improves your score.

Time Management Tip 2.
Health is important in every aspect of your life. Also important to bring perfection in your jobs. That’s why you need to be in your state of best health. Sleep well every night.

Time Management Tip 3.
Be a diary man. Keep working-note book with you. And note down important task, files, their place, to-do list, keep all them in your note book.
(you can note them in your hand held device, but writing them in paper notebook, gives real sense of work. Think yourself which you prefer).

Time Management Tips 4.
Initial phase of working career, especially for one month, newcomers usually, do not say 'No' to anyone. But you are not on that list. Say no to nonessential request or demands from anyone.

Time Management Tip 5.
Do not try to give 100 percent result. Or another word avoid perfectionism.

Time Management Tip 6.
This is era of 'Social Networking' avoid them while you enter to work area. I think this point only enough to save your 30% of time.

Time Management Tip 7. 
Let them know you are working and you are serious on your job.

Time Management Tip 8.
Some time you may feel uneasy in your jobs. At that time think why you are here. And what is you long term goal. So work to reach your ultimate goal.

Time Management Tip 9.
Bring variation in your jobs. That means when some time schedule your hard jobs first then easy one, sometime long first then short one.

Time Management Tip 10. 
You can you time management software too. But do not forget to carry you diary too.

Important Note:
Never bring your work into your home. Leave your work inside your office or at your office desk.
Always carry smile in your face.

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