How Saving Your Info With Online Shopping Is Dangerous?

Online shopping is very easy, just clicking a mouse or touching a screen you can buy anything, what you need is just bank card (credit card or debit card).
There are lost of benefits of online shopping, some of them are, it can save a lot of time, and other hidden cost too.
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Beware: While Making Online Shopping or Online Payment.

But online shopping some times become more dangerous for shopaholic. The greatest reason is this eliminates the feeling of spending money.
This is not just an enough reason to say online shopping can be dangerous.
Other reasons are
There are so many online sites or e-commerce site are operating in your town, and they all ask, your banking information, your personal information, your income, your spending habits, Later they use it to spam, here spam means they send unnecessary of attractive email or direct call with marketing purpose.
They have expert marketing man power, and for shopaholic, it is very hard to ignore their offer, and they just buy and buy until their balance goes to zero.

Sometimes this is also case of fraud, when you register, or subscribe with e-commerce sites, without knowing its reputation, it can make problem later.

Online Shopping Tips.

Some online shopping tips.
1. Only shop with secured e-commerce site. Example, secure sites start from, https://
2. Avoid providing more your personal information.
3. Read their privacy, faq pages.
4. Do not provide your social security number.
5. If you get email or any message asking to update your account information for banking, updating credit cards info, or online payment system, do not response it.
6. Do not share your password with anyone, and make strong password
7. Read online shopping guidelines provided by your state or local government.
8. It is better to use credit card, rather than debit or ATM card.
9. Make different credit card only for online shopping.
10. Keep all your online shopping record.
11. Most important cut your shopping habit.

Disclaimer: Purpose of this article is not to stop your secure online shopping habit, but just make you aware of some critical issues and asking you to be more secure and be more careful than present

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