Tips To Make Your First Day More Impressive

How To Make Best Impression at work on First Day

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This is obviously right question to ask how to impress your boss and colleague in your first work day. After your successful appointment for particular company now it’s your time to enter first time in that company.

 Things to remember while entering first time in your work. 

Best tip is be-your-self-do-not-over-plan-it. Remember nobody expects more from fresh employee, and if you are experienced then this is not big issue for you. For fresh worker, you are just a part of already on going system, so you are not there to give big changes.
Simple tips think it like you are taking first day of your college, you do not enter making mind set, you are going to top your class, result shows after one semester. Similarly do not set your mind, you are going to become best employee at least for first week of your work.
Saying this does not mean you don’t do any home work, on of the best is:  always carry nice smile in your face.
If you want to impress your boss, on that day, and then think like, you are participating in an interview like before.
First time depends on office size, your work nature; you may not have much time to personally talk with all the people. So your non-verbal communication is powerful. That’s why you have to give more attention, what you wear, read carefully about your office dress code. And wear sharp formal dress.

Ask a question:
If you have any doubt on work, then ask, this makes easy to start communication too:

Other tips for First day:

  • In your  first week, reach some minute before office time.
  • Do not use your cell phone in office time, do not use any social media site.
  • Be alert, be open minded, keep smile on your face, have conversation. 
  • If you do not have any assignment to do, then study your office and work.
  • While taking with your supervisor, do not sit, stand up and ask, act like you are robot for that day :).
  • It is better to keep silence; even you know something better than your co-worker. Remain silent does not mean do not take action, you can take action but don’t make it like you are teaching them and they do not know. This stage comes after some months but not now
Be in the state of your best health, sleep well, have blank mind and think you are going to learn something; You are not going to teach. Because you are fresh graduate, do not forget to talk with every person, note their name, address, if you skip talking them now, then it’s becomes hard to start talking.
Enjoy your first day.

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