Best Business 2013 Fashion Merchandising (Research Based)

One of the Best Business Fashion Merchandising Business for  2013

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If you take a look on Forbes Richest people 2013, Third Richest Person in the world came from Fashion Merchandising. Founder and boss of Zara World known Fashion Brand, Amancio Ortega is named Third Richest person in the world with net world $57 billion as per march – 2013.

According to Forbes, Fashion combined with Retail captured no. 2 position for producing more billionaire in 2013. In 2013 fashion and Retail produced 146 billionaire around the world. That means it captured 10.24% (146 out of 1426). Notably, fashion and retail sectors produced 21 new billionaire.
According to Forbes, in Europe Fashion and Retail has become no. 1 sector to produce billionaire. In Europe alone this sectors produced 62 billionaire out of 175 Europeans billionaires, that means, fashion and Retail covers 35.43%.

Some of the Famous Person:

Zara’s Amancio Ortega net worth $57 billion, world richest woman, Liliare Bettencourt net worth $30 billion, LVMH chairman Bernad Arnault net worth $29 billion. Stefan Persson net worth$28 billion, Phile Knight  net worth $14.4 billion, Giorgio Armani net worth $8.5 billion, New comer Renzzo Rosso net worth $3 billion, New comer Tory Burch net worth $1 billion.

Above examples are your final destination, but before reaching that lets look a survey on

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion Merchandising covers all task relating researching, buying, pricing, marketing, selling and also displaying certain types of garments and accessories.

For Whom Fashion Merchandising is suitable?

If you are creative and artistic and fashion lover and want to make fusion with your arts and sense of fashion, and you love to deal with fashionable person, then this job is suitable for you.

What is the average income of Fashion Merchandise?

According to the average income of Fashion Merchandise can vary between  $40,384 t0 $124,728 annually in US. And according to average income of fashion merchandise in UK is £22,255.

Job Satisfaction among Fashion Merchandisers. 

No doubt fashion Merchandising is one of the most likable jobs or work. The research shows that, Fashion Merchandisers are extremely happy in UK says and Very happy in US.
Now think about it, if you have long-term vision and creativeness and some uniqueness then consider Fashion Merchandising is for you. I have given some name above if you want to know how far fashion merchandiser can go. Data says World third richest person is from fashion merchandising business.

Disclaimer: I don’t say this is very suitable for you, this business depends on your interest, capability and patience, long term vision,  trend among people of your location, and your own judgement and  many more. I Just present some Facts and figure about This Business. Please do more research before opening your own store.

I am going to present, some research based article in this blog, so if you are interested then come visit for next articles.

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