List of 25 Top Service Business Ideas, Great Opportunities 2013 (Most Read)

List of Top Service Business Ideas: Great Opportunities

After success of  Top 30 List of Great Business Ideas 2013, I am going to write on great list of service business ideas suitable for an individual level or a company level. In service business, your success, directly depends on your customer's or client's growth. That’s why service business means, let help grow them and grow yourself.
This is successful and profitable list of service business ideas and opportunities. This article has come after doing great homework and research do not let it go most read.
Here you can see, four main section. Edited: November 2013.
  • Great service business ideas 2013
  • Profitable service business opportunities of all
  • Service business opportunities for women
  • Online based service business ideas
Now enjoy the great list of service business ideas and opportunities.

A. Great service business ideas 2013

Top service business ideas

B2B service business ideas.

If you are planning to do great service business and run like professional company, then B2B service business idea is best.
Here is the great list of B2B service business ideas. And all listed points are practically applicable and have potential to be great next business.

1. Start human resource management service

(e.g. open job portal).

2. Open software company

Do research what type of software are more helpful for business companies then develop software and application with your team and generate huge sum of money.

3. Research center service center

(e.g. conduct research on market trends, customers perspectives, customer needs and preferences and sell them with potential customer-business company.

4. meeting-event management services

Open event management service company and organized special events, parties, festivals (musical, food).

5. Business consultancy service

Professional consultancy service business ideas. stars your own consultancy service business, and provide your expertise.
List of profitable consultancy and counselor service business ideas:
Financial education provider: If you are student of law or business administration, now it is your opportunity to open financial consultant. If you provide great financial education and assistance, like how to be efficient in tax payment, how to make personal financial plan in future like retirement planning, then this could be very profitable service business.

other consultancy ideas include:
  • Book keeping service.
  • Education consultancy service: provide right information on academic and professional education.
  • Business consultancy service like make them to prepare capital budgeting decision. 

6. Money Lending Service

Micro lending service is very lucrative service business ideas. This money lending service also directly helps to improve overall economy. Think about it, if you have liquid cash funds, this idea is great.

7. Special theme based restaurant

Open special theme based restaurant like green theme, organic theme, now people are more aware and conscious about their health. This can be also great idea.

8. Health club and Spa treatment clinic

Add this to your list if you are planning to open profitable service business in medium scale.

B. Service business opportunities for women

Here is the list of great business ideas suitable for women.

9. Day child care center opening opportunity.

When a mom starts a Day child care center, people trust it more, because they know, only moms can care Childs better than any. So see opportunities in your community and open day child care center. This center can be very helpful for working busy couples.

10. Home Made Food provider service

In recent trends, orders of homemade tiffin box are growing because of its hygienic and healthiness. Contact some offices and take order and make and deliver home made your branded healthy food. 

11. Beauty care center

you can open your own beauty care center and provide beauty treatment service. Beauty industry is big industry.

12. Exercise Center

Women who have knowledge on health exercise like Yoga and other exercise can open yoga training classes.

C. Profitable common service business opportunities for all

13. Cleaning service

Generally per hour pay for a cleaning people is $40. And this is recession proof business too. Now start your own cleaning service business, hire some staff get contract for residential or commercial cleaning services and grow your company. 

14. Computer and Mobile maintenance service business:

Computers and mobiles devices have become a part of daily life. And also these parts required daily service and maintenance, see opportunity here, open private service provider for these gadget, such as maintenance, cleanups, virus-cleanups etc.

15. Tutoring service business ideas:

Well, when it is about to start service business generally all include, tutoring service business. This is not only about  start your teaching service to teach kids. This include:
  • Become yoga instructors.
  • Become music instructor.
  • Start computer teaching service.
  • Start painting teaching service.

16. Start cooking service.

 If you have knowledge about how to make homemade cookies, energy drinks then become then teach others, or simply become home chef.

17. Transportation service:

Find out some improvement points of existing transportation service in your community and try to improve it, by opening your own transportation service.

D. Online service business opportunities ideas

18. Translator Service

Make a team of staffs who know different international language and open a translating service provider. Job includes translation of web contents, documents, software and like this. This can be great service business opportunities.

19. Online Concierge service

Be online concierge service provider and provide service for clients like making hotel reservation, arranging for spa services, booking transportation, travel arrangements and similar types of jobs.

20.Call center:

Call center are in increasing trends in developing cities. This can be another great list.

21. Virtual assistance

Virtual assistance can be great service business opportunity. Virtual assistants work remotely and do all the things a business owner or manager doesn't have time to do, such as answering email, follow up customers, pay bills etc.

22. Medical Transcription service

With trained and skilled man power, you can open medical transcription service, and can provide service on medical transcriptions field.

23. Web designing and web developer.

With skill of web designing and developing, you can make your bed room as virtual office. This is very profitable individual business idea. So you skill and help small business to improve their business by providing them great space on web. And get paid handsomely.

24. Social network marketing service

Use Facebook and Youtube to promote other products and brands.

25. Online dating service.

Open online dating sites: This is emerging online business like Bang with friends 
(Disclaimer: Hope you liked above list, but do your own research before starting any business, though it takes some time and your homework, plan and research, but this is recommended. )