World Cup 2014 And Small Business Ideas

Business Ideas 2014

World cup a Football fever is now everywhere. Brazil is now hosting FIFA World Cup 2014. Along with popularity world cup directly helps to boost economy standard of host nation. quoting Brazil’s tourism minister, Vinicius Lagas, says that the World cup would add about $13.6 billion to the Brazilian economy. Where there is Football, there are Fans. Football and Fans are sysnonyms in many cases. Due to this true fact, not only host country, anywhere, where fans stay a like minded entrepreneur can earn good sum of money with in tournament and pre and post of tournament.
If you live in host country. Here in Brazil, now you can earn more money from your small homebased business with the combination of following business ideas.
You do not need to be innovative here, just analyzing world cup 2010 and its business nature, with economic activities new business can be set up and run.

The list of business ideas for world cup 2014

World Cup 2014 and Business Ideas

FIFA 2014 And Business Ideas

Home Stay Business

Home stay business is easy and effective one at the time of any big tournament. Because many national and international tourist will arrive near match venue, where enough residential options might be lack. With normal food standard you can moderate your home as hotel and motel.

Sell Local Food and Handicraft

This is right time to sell local food and handicraft. Remember FIFA World Cup 2010 where local stores of South Africa host country had generated million of dollar just by selling local musical instrument called Vuvuzela. Local newspaper of Brazil also covering a success stories of local art and food sellers during the World Cup time.

Sell Team Jersy and National Flags

This is easy and most effective business ideas, during big tournament like FIFA World Cup. Every teams have thousand  of fans and all want to wear their national jersey. There is right opportunity to open sports store with minimum investment or you can just add a sport wing in your running business store to earn from this opportunity. This opportunity is available not only in host country but everywhere.
Increase sales of Restaurant and bar
With decoration of restaurant and bar as mini world cup stadium, you can attract a lot of football fans and can increase your revenue.

Sell art skill

With semi skill of writing both online and offline, right people can earn a lot of money just writing a blog about topic under world cup 2014 and writing a book about same topic and including player profile, world cup history and nations performance under different world cup. Interesting facts on world cup books are always demanded. Though this is quite slow process, but you can earn pre-tournament time and post tournament few months. You can start business with this skill.

Business Idea For IT Entrepreneurs 2014

Savy software maker and game maker can grab this opportunity by creating Football related apps and games. From simple tournament schedule app to PC football match game would give more profit in FIFA World CUP time than any time.

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