Most Profitable Business 2016 In The World

World most profitable businesses.
Business students read seriously about most profitable business in the world. Business persons want to start most profitable business and business blogs spend more time on reporting about most profitable business. Depends on investors budgets there are so many business which can be opened and notable profit margin. But if we analyze world’s economy we have to see most profitable industries. This list helps us to find out our answers.
Most profitable company in the world. More reading best business ideas 2014.
This list is about most profitable companies in the world and after analyzing this list we can figure out most profitable businesses industries.

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Most Profitable Business Companies in The World 2014

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1. Company: Exxon Mobil

Headquarters: Irving, Texas.
Country: United States.
Profits: $44,880.0 million.
Category: oil and Gas Company.
Rank 1.

2. Apple Inc

Headquarters: Cupertino, California.
Country: The United States.
Category: Technology, consumer electronics, computer software and commercial servers.
Profit: $41,733.0 million.
Rank 2.

3. Gazprom

Headquarters: Moscow.
Country: Russia.
Company Energy Company.
Profits: $38,086.2 million.
Rank 3.

4. Industrial And Commercial Bank of China

Headquarters: Beijing.
Country: China.
Category: Bank.
Profit: $37,806.5 Million.
Rank 4.

5. China Construction Bank

Headquarters: Beijing.
Country: China.
Company: Banking.
Profit: $30,618.2 Million
Rank 5.

6. Volkswagen

Headquarters: Wolfsburg.
Country: Germany.
Company: Automobile.
Profit: $27,909.1 million.
Rank 6.

7. Shell

Headquarters: The Hague.
Country: The Netherlands.
Company: Energy and Petrochemical.
Profit: $26,592.0 million.
Rank: 7.

8. Chevron

Headquarters: San Ramon, California.
Country: The United States.
Company: Oil Company.
Profit: $26,179.0 million.
Rank: 8.

9. Agricultural Bank of China

Headquarters: Beijing.
Country: China.
Company: Banking.
Profit: $22,996.9 million.
Rank 9.

10. Bank of China

Headquarters: Beijing.
Country: China.
Company Banking.
Profit: $22,099.5 million.
Rank 10.

Most Profitable Business 2014 In The World

What can we say about world most profitable business?
Now we can say, following are world's most profitable business.
1. Oil and Energy Industry.
2. Computer and Technological Industries.
4. Automobile Industries.
5. Banking Industries.
Moreover, in other words, we can say, in constant-developed economies oil and energy industries and technological industries are considered as most profitable business, and in growing economies banking businesses are considered as most profitable businesses. So if you are planning to open most profitable companies then depends on your country’s economy.

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