Home Based Job Real or Scam (Most Read)

Home Based Job Real One and Scam One

According to my previous commitment,  I am going to write all about ‘home based job’.  (Please focuse on message I convey for you rather than my writing style, I am learning and hope one day I write better J, but I cannot wait that day, so I start now to write).
Ok then lets start,

What is home based job?

Home based jobs, means that job, which have flexible schedule and no office rule, you can work from your living room, your bed room, you can work while playing with family etc  etc.
Sound very interesting, but remember
There are two types of Home based job,

Real Home Based Job, and

Scam or Fake Home Based Job.

Real Home Based Job, I talk about it later I mean after some post.But right now start with what is Scam or Fake Home Based Job.

Scam-Home Based or Fake Home Based Job

Earth is round, and by cyclic nature, even business has cycle, and there are lots of scam nature come into society, when economy falls into recession or depression. And scammer built their stand in weak economy and under developed and developing countries, where unemployment rate are very high. sometimes developed countries also suffer from different types of scams.
Scammers feel easy to scam in under-developed and developing countries, because people of there, easily influenced by scammer and it is easy to influence them by talking technology related words. For example, when scammers say computer based home based job, people can easily influenced and believe scammers and become victims.
There are different type of scam related to home based job. We together try to figure out all, for this whole months.
What exactly current trend of Scam?
How to recognize these scams?
Safety tips, when accepting home based job offer and many more.
(I am going to provide link on highlighted, after completing, article on that heading) 
But there are definitely real home based job. But these are not like “quick rich scheme”, the real home based job require some skill, knowledge, some effort, thought they have free time schedule but it look like real job, not like just post some form and earn money handsomely.

Upcoming article we will talk about this.

So, stay with this blog, if you have Google+ add me, comment here to encourage me to right.

 Your personal experience, says more than any, so share your experience. Special experience will be posted here, for general awareness. 

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