Blog Is Better Than Website For Personal Development (Top 3 Reason why)

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When you try to find right information for you on your favorite subject, You may wonder which is right source for you. Sometimes Your favorite subjects come with a lots of spams and most of the time it is from numbers of websites. And the great trap is they appears in first page of search engines. And we all believe normally appearing in front page means quality.
If you want to read news, news websites are best options than blog. But in some subject of area blogs are always best option. The subjects area might be, Travelling Experience, Art-blog, Tutorial blog for beginner (if you are beginner visit tutorial blog than websites, why? I will tell you in following paragraphs. For example when you try to explore some fixed area, first follow one good blog too. And if you do not see, blog on that topic, it is now your turn to make good blog on that topic. And making Your own blog is very very simple these days. Just open your Google Account (Gmail), and sign in with Blogger. And step by step you will learn to make beautiful blog yourself. And of course I am also try to share my experience on making blog if you are very beginner. You can search on my blog, fill out with enough contents.
But now lets start

Reading blog is better than websites.

1. True Experience:
Most of the blogs, (like this) are written by one person. And they are bloggers' true experience. Some bloggers are very much interested to share something with world without expecting anything. And in the case of Website, They are business motive, their works are to run business.

2. No Advertisement Purpose:
The main reason you follow your favorite subject on blog that website is most of the articles in blogs are for no advertisement purpose, but in website who run by an organization write paid articles and so they have to paid their sponsors.

3. Interactive:
Bloggers are quickly responsive. They love to written back your comments. Because they are talking with you personally. And blog is most of the time just for sharing good things.

And if you observe closely you may find lots more reasons why we should stay with blogs on our favorite topic than website.

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