List of 100s Business Ideas For Women 2014

Here is the trusted list of business ideas for women with perfect example. Because I know without an example all theory are unproved. So read this post and apply with detailed researched.

Online business ideas 2014 for women

Following list can be transformed into business form or online jobs that depends on how much time you can give.

Pick up female blogging subjects

Web2.0 technology says blogging is more important than website, so use this powerful platform and start writing a good blog which can solve the problems of users and can provide useful informations.
Your subject can be:
  • Fashion blogging
  • Cooking blogging
  • Shopping blogging
  • Experience blogging: For example, share your experience on pregnancy that can be useful for many new moms. Other topic can be ‘how to rise kids’, how to save money’ how to make healthy home environment.

Remember blogging can be rewarding. When you have regular numbers of visitors then you can easily monetize it.

Create online shopping site for women

Again this category falls under online business ideas for women. Here you can create an ecommerce site that is specialized on one single product for example women bag or women shoes.
How to start: Get contract from local reseller or wholesaler who run their business without a website. Upload their products in your website and start selling on commission basis. You can slightly modify their products for example embroidery shoes or handbags.
Note: you do not require a technical knowledge with little knowledge and one time contract from an IT company; you can easily have your ecommerce site.

Other online jobs for women

There are numbers of online jobs available for women ( not only for women but for everyone). Just pickup fit jobs for you and start working now.
Well these are online business, as a woman you can start offline or home based business. For example

Homebased business for women

Child care home

With one or two female staffs child care home can be run inside your home area. Busy parents love and support a child care home which are in their locality and run by their friend neighbor.

Homemade food business

Homemade food business like making office Tiffin box
Healthy foods are always on demand specially today’s busy lifestyle. Open a home based tiffin home that deliver foods on demand.
How to start
Make a food menu plan and bring them to local offices specially with mid level management. And do contract and deliver your hand made food healthy and tasty.
Other business you can start from home are:

Example of business ideas for women 2014.

Without some perfect example, you will be motivated. There are so many sites poking you top business ideas for women or business ideas for mom. But only few gives a perfect example. Today I will present great women business owner who started from scratch and built a successful business.

Success story of Kelly Lester

Kelly Lester Pic
Kelly Lester is the owner of that generates millions of  revenue. Amazing thing is her business runs from her rooms with the help of a website. KellyLester’s Website.

Success story of J.K. Rowling

Yes she is the author of ‘Harry Potter ‘ and Forbes’ 2004 female billionaire. She earned that money from her writing skill. So every single works can make you extremely rich and financially free.

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