22 Tips For Entrepreneurs: Sleeping tips Follow This

Sleeping Tips

Hard works, working till late night, sleeping under the lighting bulb, sleeping in front of computer are all the common traits of entrepreneurs.
When does a struggling entrepreneur sleep well nobody knows, he has vision on his mind, that always strikes him so actually he finds difficulties to sleep well or sleeping in routine based system.
Successful people and successful entrepreneurs are two different subjects of study.
Successful people have their fixed daily sleep schedule, a routine based bed time habits, a schedule based lifestyle. But an entrepreneur has no fixed daily sleep schedule, has no schedule based lifestyle. Study the success stories of successful entrepreneur, you can find out this.
But this is not recommended you to scarify your sleep, because there are so many reasons why proper sleep is very important for everyone.
To become successful entrepreneur it is necessary to maintain your good mental and body health.
Harvard health publication suggests: good sleep is very necessary for learning and increase memory, for metabolism and balanced weight, for safety, for balanced mood, for cardiovascular health, and to prevent and fight with disease. [1].
These following points will help you to sleep well and produce more good results.
In the most of cases, the external circumstances are the main reasons behind your sleep-disorder.

Sleeping Tips For Entrepreneurs

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B. General tips for better sleep for everyone. Make a fixed sleep-schedule

1. Avoid late night work.
2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine
3. Avoid drinking too much liquids in the night.
4. Make sleep friendly environment
5. Make your room dark and warm.
6. Make your bed clean and comfortable and specific.
7. Avoid too much communication before bed time, even chatting, texting, calling.
8. Avoid lights, sounds as much as possible.
9. Do sound exercise like stretches.
10. Take reasonable meal.
11. Do relaxation practices : deep breathing practices.
12. Be cheerful and have sound sleep.

B. Special sleeping tips for entrepreneurs

These points will help an entrepreneur sleep well even he is struggling or have so many plan in his head.
Use all tips written in general tips section and additionally:
14. Do not worry about past or any topic. Mentally become worriless and tension free. Thinking and warring are not the same. 
15. Only give 30 minute or less to review, analyzing of that day's work
16. Only give extra 30 minutes or less for tomorrow to-do(s).
17. Practice success-visualization: close your eyes visualize you are becoming successful and reaching you goal. Better read more books on this topic.
18. Concern your nutrition:, remember sound mind and health produces sound plans and ideas.
19. Avoid picking call on business topics.
20. Avoid sending email on business topic at sleeping time.
21. Relax and loose your body.
22. Take warm bath before bed time.
and be cheerful and have sound sleep.