Cool Business Ideas|List of Top 20 Hottest Business To Start 2014

Starting a business is everyone's dream. But which and how to is basic questions. This post tells clearly about what will be next hottest business to start 2014. If you want to start small scale or medium scale business you must read this post.

Hottest  business to start 2014 (Cool Business Ideas)

Cool Business Ideas 2014

1. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is all about making one's website top of the top search engine of the world. Generally search engine term refers to be top on Google search in spite of there are other major search engines. this is because of Google alone covers 80% search market.
Search engine optimization is major tool of online business because if you keep your website in the top of search result, you will increase your revenue by 4 times better than previous years. helping clients website to appears in top of the search is the best service you can give in 2014.
tips for new bie: first timer business owner promise lot more than they can deliver. here you do not promise that you can make them on top of the search result by 100 percent. but you do 100 percent effort.

2. Financial planner service

This business requires a lot of personal relationship and your academic skill. Startup cost is low can run from own room. make this business a successful  is quite tough.
tips: regularly post research paper related to finance and economics on local media like newspaper to gain believe of customers.
A good financial planner can thousand of dollar per month only from consultancy.

3. Website maintenance service

Generally building a website is one time task and maintaining website is ongoing job. if have knowledge of how to keep a website up-to-date and see there are lot of website which are not updating regularly. Go and present your business plan to them and start website maintaining jobs. at once you can start a lot of websites in your one project.
tips: make your first project's customer a satisfied , which helps them to become your regular customer for coming years. Hire someone for that tasks and start your next projects.

4. Human Resource management service

Every single corner of the town, there are number of growing business that all require best staff. Finding best and right employees for the company is very hard task and time consuming. Big companies have their own human resource department that provides the entire task related staffing, hiring, and training. But small scale or mid-level companies always want to shift this task to trusted third party company. Now here is an opportunity you can start HRM Company and provide all necessary jobs.
Tips: Encourage established companies to train their employees for next level and for new companies ask them to hire trained employee from your recommendations and project types companies provide them temporary staffing service.

5. Health and fitness club

Health and fitness has become main concern of today's world. Billion's of dollars transaction are there under health and fitness business category. Starting a health and fitness club with the help of right team can be next emerging companies with in some years. And of course return and social credibility is very high. Start thinking on this topics.

6. Education consultancy

If your are aware of education expenditure systems of developing countries where every students want to go aboard to get higher education and parents also encourage them to go for abroad like developed countries USA and Europe. Open right education consultancy and provide vocational and personal development training. Return is high.

7. Open Shoe Mart

Yes open Shoe Mart, who does not love footwear. Everyone does. Opening a single theme based Shoemart is always right option to start.
Tips cool business ideas: Provide latest trendy shoes but with quality only. Specially, sell only shoes and footwear that helps your to become special stop to buy footwear. 

8. Sell Electric Vehicle

Go Green is emerging slogan. Based on that slogan you can start selling electric vehicle. You can export from with in country or outside country.
Tip: encourage potential customer to buy electric vehicle that can be selling cars, bikes. Go to potential customers like environmental organization.

9. Online business ideas

There are so many best online business ideas. My coming articles will say more about it. For but now just take an example, open deal site. Deal site means that site which provides special deal to buyers. and get commission from deal provider.

10.  Open Franchise

Are you searching mid level business ideas and want to investment $100000 and  more then start Franchises. There are more profitable franchise available. pick one of them and start your great business now.

Other Creative Cool Business ideas:

Here is the great list of creative business ideas to start in 2014. 
11. Event Management.
12. Agro-based Business.
13. Service Business Ideas: top list of service business ideas.
14. Travels and Tours.

Disclaimer: Opening a business is easy but make them successful is very hard. Only right plan and attitude leads you to be successful in business.
Hope you enjoy this post. For more post stay tune and have me in Google+ circle.

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